Thursday, November 28, 2013

DAY 828... Thankful For #28

Today I am thankful for the Wareham's. This is one of my Mom's younger brother's and his family and we just LOVE them! They are some of the most unselfish and generous people in the world! They gave us so many of their old toys that are in AMAZING condition recently! So many in fact that we probably won't have to spend much money for Aniston for Christmas. They are always willing to let us stay in their home when we visit Utah. Julie, the wife, is one of my closest friends. I know I can tell her anything and that she will not judge me at all... I'm pretty picky about my friends, so that's a big deal. Their children, my cousins, always are willing to play with my Ani and to love on her unconditionally. These people have been there through so much with me! They were AMAZING helping me with my wedding, and they had been there for me through all the breakups before I found the one! They are AMAZING!!!! There are very few families in the world as awesome as this family!


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