Monday, November 18, 2013

DAY 818... Thankful For #18

Today I am thankful for hugs. I used to be anti-hug. I just didn't like the touching and the weirdness of a hug.  I felt like most of the time they came from people who you really didn't know and that shouldn't be hugging you. But since becoming a mother I LOVE hugs! Especially when the hugs come from my cute little baby girl. Who, I guess, is not so little anymore. (tear). Hugs have become a way to show love to my family and daughter and have helped us to express our love without words. There are times at night after Ani has gone to bed when I want to go get her up out of bed and just hold her and hug her forever! A hug makes me feel closer to the people that I love. But I still do feel as though some people hug too frequently and that it still is a violation of privacy. But I am more open to it now. My sister pinned this quote on Pinterest yesterday and when I captured this moment of Aniston saying goodbye to Spencer before he went to class this morning, I knew that they fit together perfectly!


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