Sunday, March 26, 2017

DAY 1819... Welcome Home Elder Kinville

On Monday, March 13th, 2017,
we welcomed home Elder Kinville.
He had been serving a 2 year mission in the Scotland/Ireland mission and we were so excited to finally have him back home.

(Jake brought us all our family Tartans from Scotland. The girls have scarfs, the boys have ties, and Jake has his kilt. Such a cool gift.)

Elder Kinville gave his homecoming report at church.
But the best part about this was that my Mom,
who also recently was released from serving a Church Service Mission,
got to give her homecoming address in the same meeting.

Does that ever really happen?
It was so unique and such a blessing.
Jake's talk was AMAZING!
My Mom's talk was AMAZING!

Being able to see such a wonderful change in Jake from serving a mission for the past 2 years,
and to couple that with my Mom being able to bless the lives of her special needs students and peer helpers was incredible.

I have seen the best growth,
and the best changes in both Jake and my Mom.
I have also seen numerous blessings in my own life from their service.

Missions are such a blessing to so many people.
I could really go on and on about how wonderful this experience has been for me and my family,
but it would take days...
And I'm moving this week so there's no time for that.

I'm so thankful for both Jake and my Mom and their willingness to serve and to bless the lives of others.

This is the video we made for Jake for his Homecoming today.
It's okay to cry...
There are a TON of pictures in this video, 
so that's why there's not very many posted on the actual blog.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Everything You Missed... February 2017 Edition

Better late than never right?
life is insanely crazy right now and I feel like I can't even catch my breath!
So now that March is basically over,
Here's everything you missed from February!!!

We bought a new couch. 
We are just hoping it will fit in the basement of our new house... 
Cross your fingers for us.

The first box was packed!!!

I found Aniston asleep like this...

Did anyone else die laughing when they saw this meme???

We had some gorgeous days in February and so I got some gorgeous pictures of the kids.

Spencer surprised me with a new TV stand.
The old one we got from DI and painted it for like $10.
It was ghetto,
but it worked.
The new one is much better!

 Ani had a tea party with Nana!

This handsome kid...

My little brother is apparently a "Scholarly Star"...

Date nights.

Aniston's homemade Valentines.
She is obsessed with mazes!

Weekend life.

Valentine's Day breakfast and lunch.

 Is there anything better than your kids happily playing together?

Valentine's Day dinner...
Of course!
It's tradition!

Benson's hair cut.
I seriously have anxiety over where to get his hair cute once we move.

Aniston loves to take pictures of me.

Another day,
another dance class.

Aniston had a dress like an alien day at school and this was the best I could come up with.

Benson has become OBSESSED with hats these days!

We tried Blue Apron for the first time and we LOVED it!

Happy Birthday Uncle Jake!

My babes!

 Aniston's last day of dance.
She sure did love her teacher!

We had a little bit of confusion with Cupid this year...

Could you guys just die over his little voice singing such a sweet song?

After watching Aniston do gymnastics for so long,
Beni wanted in on the action.


Monday, March 13, 2017

DAY 1806... Aniston Dances

Because we are moving,
19 DAYSSSSSSS... but who's counting???
Aniston performed in her last dance competition with her studio here.

We were so excited that my Mom (Nana) and my great Grandma could be there with us.

Aniston did an amazing job and just had so much fun.

We have really loved the past 2 years with Fuzion Dance Studio.
I hope that we can find somewhere just as good down in Utah.

One of the Mom's e-mailed me some amazing pictures of the girls dancing!

It was a wonderful dance year!