Friday, March 3, 2017

DAY 1797-1801... Nebraska

Let's just start off by saying driving 30 hours,
in the backseat between two children in car seats,
is not much fun.
But it is doable.

The kids and I headed to Nebraska for my niece Cortney's baptism.
She is the first grandchild on my side of the family to get baptized,
Aniston loves her cousin,
and I needed a break from life,
so it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a quick trip.
So we said goodbye to Spencer,
who had to stay home because of classes,
and headed out.

My parents offered to drive us,
bless their soul,
an offer that I'm sure that they will never offer again after that trip.

I got so carsick!
But this stuff works wonders!
Also I gave Ani 8 quarters and every time she asked if we were there yet I would take one away.
It didn't work.
They were all gone within 2 hours....

This sign was in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming. 
It made me laugh.

Both ways we stopped halfway in Cheyenne, WY and spent the night.

My parents booked a hotel with a pool,

and breakfast,
and it was really nice to be able to stop and get out of the car for a little while.

Aniston sent a postcard to Spencer on our way out the next morning.

They thought it was all fun and games until I told them that it was back to the car....

My Mom is the best and put together packages for the kids to open along the way at certain stops.
The packages were full of treats,
it was AMAZING!

When we stopped at a rest area for lunch,
the kids got their wiggles out by table dancing.

It was a long drive but every now and then I would look over and see some serious sibling love and it made everything a little bit better.

Can we talk about the weather in Lincoln, NE for a minute?
It was 70 degrees!

As soon as we got there we headed to the park....
without coats!

Benson was so excited to see Layla,

Kim's (my sister) dog who we always FaceTime with,
and Aniston was so excited to be with Cortney again.

Cortney and Aniston had a BLAST that weekend.
They stayed up late chatting,
played the days away,
and were basically inseparable.

It was such a good experience to be able to be there for her baptism and to support her and my family.
After Cortney was baptized,
Benson tried to take off his shirt and kept saying "My turn" and "Me".
It was pretty great.

After the baptism we went to this fun indoor play area right by my sister's house.
The kids had a blast.
Aniston only got lost once,
and then refused to leave and sat in the middle of the ball pit where I couldn't reach her.
Parenting is great!

It was so nice to spend time with family and to relax for a while.

let's be honest.
A vacation with 2 children,
1 who has to sleep with you because he isn't in his own bed,

and he is a horizontal sleeper,
and 30 hours in the car,
it's not so relaxing.

These birds!
So many birds!!!

 On the way home we got the Cheyenne pretty early so we hit up a park for the kid's sanity.

At one point I just wanted something healthy in my body,
and I just love Jamba Juice and felt as though that would be refreshing and more healthy than road trip food,
but Lincoln, Nebraska does not have a Jamba Juice.

It was a super fun trip,
but I was glad to get home.

Also I could not have survived if I didn't have my parents to keep me sane!!!
They were rockstars!!!
We love you!!!
Thank you!!!

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