Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Day 1795... LOVE

I have never been a fan of Valentine's Day.
I think the biggest issue I have with it is that I feel like you should show love everyday and not just 1 day a year.
and I was probably burned somewhere along the road of life by love.
Or at least what I thought was love...

So growing up my tradition was Taco Bell every Valentine's whether or not I was dating someone,
and even after I got married.

Then I had kids.

And 1 of those kids LOVES Valentine's Day.
She just thinks it is great.
Best day ever!!!
I don't know why.
I definitely know that I never encouraged or swayed that opinion.
But I do know that as a parent,
my goal is to love and support my children regardless in everything that they do and that they love.
So I guess that means,
in a round about way,
that I now love Valentine's Day too?
I don't like that very much at all.
But I do love Aniston,
so I can fake it for her.
I would do anything for her!

Love is an interesting word.
It means something different to everyone.
Some people use it all the time,
while others hesitate to add it to their vocabulary.

Every love is different.
Mom love is different than wife love.
Sister love is different than daughter love.
Friend love is different than sibling love.
It's all so different.
It kind of blows my mind.

I think that the biggest,
most important experience I have ever had with love,
was when Benson was born.

When you have a baby, 
and they place that baby on your chest for the first time,
the love that you feel is insanity!
I had never experienced anything like that before.
It's overwhelming and powerful.
It's the most amazing thing ever!

When I was pregnant with Benson,
I thought that there was no way in the world,
that I would ever be able to love him the same way,
or as much as I love Aniston.
Because I have never loved anyone the way I love Aniston.
I honestly did not think that is was possible to love 2 people that much.

But when they placed Benson on my chest for the first time,
all my fears just disappeared. 
I was astonished at the identical love I felt for him and for Aniston.

I was sure I was going to be that parent who had a favorite child.
Someone please tell me that the Duggar's don't have a favorite out of 19 kids.....
But I don't have a favorite.
Aniston and Benson are the most amazing humans ever!
Although there are days when I want to lock myself in the bathroom (I may or may not have already done this multiple times a week or this week),
to escape the insanity,
my heart just explodes with the love I feel for them every day.

They remind me everyday that love is powerful,
that love is strong,
that love is a life changer.
Love makes my family better.

Watching my children,
and witnessing the love that they have for one another is also AMAZING!
We have been blessed because Aniston has been obsessed with Benson since day 1.
She fights for him,
she loves on him,
she would do anything for him.
And that makes my life pretty great!

I am thankful for love,
even though I dislike pretty much everything about Valentine's Day,
except for the fact that it means I get Taco Bell.

Without love,
I wouldn't be a mom.

Without love,
I wouldn't be a wife.

Without love,
I wouldn't be me.

Can we also take a quick moment and appreciate the fact that Benson has the same views as I do when it comes to Valentine's Day???
Either that or he hates having his picture taken...

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