Monday, February 6, 2017

Everything You Missed... January 2017 Edition

you all missed a lot in January because I never posted!
It was a super busy and rough month.
Hopefully I can get my act together and start posting again.
We have some super exciting things coming up in the next couple of months,
so I should have plenty to talk about.

January was good!
It was super cold...
but it was good!

Ani is continuing to bring the sass in 2017!

Changing church times have this kid napping at the weirdest times.

I love her big bows!

He was not happy to be eating out...

Spencer started his final semester before graduation!!!

Aniston did the puzzle all by herself!

 Playtime in the bath.

Benson is totally into eating everything right now.
Not fun for Mom.

We didn't want to wake him to shop,
so we made it work.

Aniston ordered fish and chips and loved it!
I was shocked, 
but she talked for days about how yummy that fish was.

Benson had a string of sick days which meant I got lots of cuddles.

Benson also got his first black eye.

Sassy pants.

Handsome boy.

Sometimes Benson likes to rock a tiara.

The kids got matching ADIDAS outfits and they are adorable in them!
Benson also got his alfalfa trimmed right after this picture...

They LOVE each other!

We finally found the real Waldo in the land of Waldo's.

Just Face-timing with the smartest person I know.

Aniston is always asking me to take pictures for her.
I spy our half done dining room table redo in the background....

LOVE them!

And they absolutely love each other!

Not quite tall enough to see sister practicing.

Benson LOVES potato head toys.
Spencer and I do not love him pretending to be one.

More picture requests.

She is a cat lover...
I hate all pets.

We had our parking lot scrapped and there was legit 5 inches of ice.

Hey bro!

Ani got to judge at Uncle Ryan's Speech and Debate tournament. 

They have children judge the retold stories and it was darling!

Burrito Ani getting loved on.

Benson is really struggling with nap time lately.

So much fun at JCPenny!
We seriously go there and tell our kids we're at Disneyland.

I don't even know where she learns these things...

Snow ball fight!

Benson is crazy smart... and really strong.

My kids LOVE I know an old lady who swallowed a fly!

I love how he says Batman!

I am also obsessed with his little lisp!

She has a thousand secrets but won't tell me any of them!

They love this old cheer!

What did I tell you???

I do plan on talking about my Golden Birthday that happened last week,
or rather my Rose Gold birthday because Rose Gold is way better than regular golf,
but I have to get through the next two days and then my life will somewhat calm down.

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