Saturday, November 23, 2013

DAY 823... Thankful For #23

Today I am thankful for Spencer's Parents. We are on our way to D-Land and we were blessed to stop and see them in Utah on our way through. They really did an amazing job raising their youngest son. I know this because I am super picky and I would never have married him unless he passed all my tests! I am thankful that they raised a man who is caring, loving, wonderful with children, smart, talented, spiritual... And let's be honest... The list could go on and on honestly. Not only did they raise an amazing son, but they also care so much and show our little family so much love. We are so glad that they have moved so much closer to us and that we can see them much more often! We sure do love them!

(Excuse the formatting... We are on the road for the next while and I am blogging from the iPad).

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