Saturday, February 27, 2016

DAY 1637 ... To My 9 Year Old Self

Dear 9 year old Jenn -

Life is rough right now huh?

Being the oldest of 3 kids and getting blamed for everything,
and never ever getting along with your little sister.
You have already moved 17 times,
and have already attended 6 different elementary schools.
You got hit in the left eye with a shovel so bad that it tore your retina,
and your dog Taz,
that you got for a birthday present,
died 3 days after your birthday.
And the roughest part of all...
Full House just ended,
and your heart broke for the very first time.

I get it.
That kind of sucks.
Life is rough.

But here is what I want you to know,
from your 30 year old self.

Your Mom,
she will have 2 more kids.
So you will be the oldest of 5.
They will both be boys.
You will actually be in the room when the youngest one is born.
Although there will be 13 years between the two of you,
your bond will be out of this world!
They will be the BEST uncles that your kids will have!
Yes, you do have kids.
They, your brothers, will be so smart,
and so talented that it will make you so proud.
They will be such a blessing in your life.
Your kids will do that too just so you know.

Your sister,
your only sister,
will also become one of your best friends.
After you move away for college,
everything will change.
You will realize how amazing your sister is,
and you guys will really learn to love each other.
It's kind of amazing!
Just a heads up,
she will get married years before you,
and she will have a kid before you.
Don't be discouraged.
Your niece is AMAZING!
God's timing is everything.

You will move another 12 times.
But you get to live in Hawaii,
so don't be too bummed.
the next move your family will make,
the one that will be the hardest move you've ever made,
will be one of the best things that will ever happen to you.
The friends and memories that you will make will change your life.

You will change schools 3 more times,
and then you will go on to get a college degree,
and then a master's degree.
Education is important.
Never underestimate the importance of learning.

You will lose 50% of the vision in your left eye from that darn shovel accident.
You will get glasses.
But that has always been something you wanted so it's more like a dream come true.
You will also get braces, which you also are dying to have.
But really,
the vision loss is somewhat entertaining and really isn't such a big deal.
You will never cry tears out of your left eye again though .

You will develop a dislike for dogs.
And at 30,
you will have never owned a dog while living on your own.
And that's totally okay,
because you have 2 of the CUTEST kids around.
And kids beat puppies any day!
And just to give you a heads up...
Your heart will break many more times
And it will be a lot more difficult than your dog dying.
But you still will have the cutest kids ever!

And guess what?!?!
Full House will come back on TV,
Well kind of.
But I am not even going to attempt to explain Netflix.
Just know Netflix is life changing and AWESOME.
You can watch the entire 1st season when you want,
where you want,
any time.
And you will watch the entire 1st season the day it premieres....

The future is pretty great.
I know things seem sad and hard sometimes,
and honestly,
the hardest parts of your life are yet to come.
But you will make it through them,
and you will be stronger and better off for those days.

Just know that your future is amazing!
So dry those tears and be young while you still can.
Also eat more Taco Bell.
.69 cent tacos do not stay that price forever...

Love - 30 year old Jenn