Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Everything You Didn't See... February 2016 Edition

Does February seem like the longest month ever to anyone else but me?
I struggle with February a little.
But we survived it,
and we had a blast doing it!

Here is everything that you missed in February...

I gave Aniston a dollar at the dollar store and she insisted that she needed this mask in her life...

Pretty in plaid!

This cute little body walking like a champ! Also I lost one of his shoes directly after this. I am still not over that...

Ice cream with Dad.

This girl seriously has one of the longest tongues I have ever seen... Weird

Benson did not love the car wash... At all.

Future runner? If so, she didn't get that from me.

Cookies and Ramen = Perfection for this little man

Ani would've rocked the heck out of the 90's!

Aniston told me that she wanted to dress like me. Apparently I wear work out clothes far too often...

Not entirely 100% sure what is going on in this picture... Ballet + roller skates + no pants = ???

Coloring for days!

Haha! Early morning flash! I really love having Benson in a bed instead of a crib. He definitely loves it too!

Breakfast time!

Fun dip before dance class was actually a really bad decision on my part...

Aniston loves to dress herself. She insisted that she matched because stripes match stripes match stripes of course!

Benson was so sick, he could barely lift his huge head. So sad!

We love the library!

This horse, at the library, has always been up on a shelf, so Aniston was thrilled to see that they moved it to the floor and she could play with him now.

Benson is getting so big! He tries so hard to get his own water now. Such a smart little boy!

 Aniston has been begging me to go on a walk to the Temple and to the water tower. Wish fulfilled!

Just call her Arnie Grape! She loves water towers so much!

This has always been my favorite house in Rexburg! Total creeper status!

They couldn't quite handle the 5 mile walk...

Anyone else thinking, The Ring? This picture totally freaks me out!

Benson loves to do this on purpose. He would put his head and neck between the two couches and get stuck. Probably for attention. Don't worry. I moved the couches closer to each other so that this doesn't happen anymore.

She was really tired...

 Seeing James and the Giant Peach, starring my little brother!

Ryan did such an AMAZING job!

I thought having church at 11 was going to be great... Not so much. I hate waking him up from naps to get ready for church.

Such a handsome little dude!

Blowing kisses to my hubby through text!

Aniston was so excited to learn how to sign I Love You.

The best way to celebrate your brother's, who happens to be on a mission in Scotland, 20th birthday? With Cocoa Bean cupcakes of course!

Someday she will realize that it's Ninja Turtle, not an engineering turtle. Haha!

 I know that no one else probably hears the "Thank you", but I totally do!

Benson is seriously so smart and so cute. he tries so hard to sing along with his favorite songs.

We start chores young in our family!

They both love watching Potter Pals! It's basically on reruns at our house these days. I'm a little worried between Aniston's love of Darth Vader and Voldemort. She seems to really love and side with the bad guys...

I am so ready for March.
We are 1 month closer to having our Daddy home!

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