Friday, March 25, 2016

DAY 1663... Mother Heart

As a mom,
and a fairly new mom,
I often seek for inspiration and ideas and thoughts from other mothers.

I learn so much from the experiences of others,
and when it comes to motherhood,
I feel as though you can never learn enough.

An old friend of mine and her sister started a website to uplift mothers,
to build mothers,
and to support mothers.


I urge you to check it out.
The words are inspiring and beautiful,
and some of them have changed my life.

The website is constantly updated with the stories of mothers,
and you can even nominate someone to be featured on the website.

The website is
I urge all mothers to build each other up,
instead of judging and tearing each other down.
We all have different lives,
and trials.
We should learn to grow from and strengthen one another on the journey of motherhood,
 I really feel as though this website is just one step closer to actually doing that.

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