Wednesday, March 30, 2016

DAY 1667... Square 1

I love education.
I think that it's important to be educated.
I see the value in education.

But I haven't always felt this way.

When I was a junior in high school,
filling out the PSAT or ACT questions that they ask about your parents,
I always filled in the "some college" bubble for both of my parents.
It didn't really bother me that parents weren't college graduates,
at the time I had no intention of graduating college myself.
I was purely going to college to meet a guy and get married...
all within my 9 month timeline that I had set for myself.


Here I am,
12 years after graduating high school and starting college.
I have a bachelor's degree (I did graduate from BYU-Idaho without being married... one of the few)

and a master's degree obtained while working, 
with a 2 year old,
and while pregnant.
And I recently started school again.

Life has a funny way of happening in ways you never thought possible.

PS - In the past 12 years my Mom has since received her bachelor's degree (we graduated together along with my sister and my Dad was a professor at the University and got to give us our diplomas),

And my Dad now not only has a bachelor's degree,
but he also has a master's degree,
and is currently working on his doctorate.
My parents are rock stars basically.

So why did I go back to school?

Right now,
we are kind of stuck in this place  (cough, Rexburg, cough) until Spencer graduates
And I cannot use my master's degree here.
It's just not even possible.

We make enough money where we are,
doing what we do to live and to be able to have fun,
but we have vacations planned (Disneyland 2017)
someday we will buy a house,
I have an online shopping addition (especially when it comes to children's clothes and iTunes).

We aren't one of those married couples whose parents still support us,
pay for our rent,
pay for our vacations,
they do none of that.
Thank goodness.
Once you're married,,
you're married.
You are choosing to pay for your bills,
At some point parent's need to stop supporting their kids.
It's kind of one of my biggest pet peeves.
So annoying.

Spencer and I found a program that would fit in perfectly in our life,
and give us that extra income so that we can better prepare for our future and play a little more.

We found a technical program for MTE (medical transcription editor),
that is inexpensive,
and perfect because you work from home.

I am aiming to graduate by August 31st,
but I'm already 10 days ahead of schedule in my course work.
That's kind of how I roll.
I finished by master's degree 3 months early.
I blame my Dad for my work ethic.

I have worked in the medical field several years in the past,
and I loved it!
I am really enjoying learning all the medical terminology,
the spelling of it not so much,
but it's been great!

I love being able to stay at home with my kids and be a mom.
This is the type of job that will allow me to do that.

I still have plans to use my master's degree.
I would love to become an athletic director someday,
but life is about adapting and making changes.
As much as I usually resist change,
this is something that I'm actually really excited about.

I'm so so so glad I didn't get married at 19,
and that my life has constantly surprised me with new challenges and amazing blessings through education.

So here I am...
Back at square 1!

Wish me luck!

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