Wednesday, March 23, 2016

DAY 1661... Nature Heals

I suffer from the Winter Blues.
Being stuck inside for months on end,
doesn't work for me or my brain or my body very well.
It's doesn't work well for my children either.
We try to go to indoor gyms or participate in activities that allow me and my children to run and be free as much as possible,
but there is just something about fresh air and being outside in nature that changes everything!

Mother Nature gave us a good tease on Sunday,
and treated us with some 60 degree weather.

The kids and I decided to go feed the ducks at the local Nature Park,
and then to spend some time on the playground.

During the summer,
we spend 3-4 nights a week at the Nature Park because this is the local disc golf course.
Dad plays disc golf,
Mom gets some vitamin D,
and the kids get to play hard
which in turn means they sleep amazing!
It's a win-win-win.

I know that Benson didn't remember much from last year as far as being outside when it's warm,
but he will definitely remember it from this year.
He loved the ducks!
He wouldn't share any of his bread with them,
but he just sat there and quacked at them.

Aniston is always in heaven when she gets to feed the ducks.
It is her happy place.

Add playing on the playground to feeding the ducks,
and I have just delivered the best day ever!
And it didn't cost me a cent!

I see such a change in my children and in myself when we get to spend time outside.
Everyone is happier,
more fun,
and my kids listen better.

Nature has an amazing way of healing our winter blues.
It's really hard when he get teased with a good day though.
My children do not understand how we can be at the park one day,
then be stuck inside again the next.
I really don't have a good explanation for them because I think it sucks too.

I am so ready to get outside,
and to have that fresh air and to allow my children to run free.
Come on Mother Nature.
Help this momma out!

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