Tuesday, March 15, 2016

DAY 1643-1646... Weekend with Daddy

I cannot believe that we are already down to 4 weeks left of Spencer's internship!
I feel as though it's gone by fairly quickly,
but everyday seems to take forever.
This is something that any girl counting down the days until her first date,
any teenager who is dying to drive a car,
and most people in general can probably understand.

We kept Spencer's visit a secret from Aniston.
She had a dance competition that weekend and really wanted Spencer to be there.
She was so surprised when we were at the airport,
she honestly had no idea why we were there,

But when she saw her Daddy she went crazy!
Aniston was so excited that Spencer was going to be able to watch her dance.

The weekend flew by so quickly,
and was jammed packed with tons of activities!

We did a lot of shopping,
and playing,
and laughing.

Aniston's dance recital was AMAZING!
She looked great,
the competition was organized and on time,
that never happens,
and they danced better than I had ever seen them dance before!
I know the videos aren't the best,
but oh well.
The second one is definitely better than the first.

She loved watching the other girls warm up and practice their routines.

Why do they grow up so fast?

Her posing is so on point!

This girl is so obsessed with her Uncle Ry!
She was so excited to see him when we went to go pick up Beni.

Besides getting flowers after every performance,
I also bribe her with a happy meal.
I haven't had fast food,
any sort,
since December 31st.
This makes it really hard to buy it for her.
But that's okay.
She deserved it!

Benson got haircut #3...

I wasn't so sure about it at first,
but it's growing on me.

Church with another set of hands was awesome of course!

Can we talk about how buying a wind chime in Rexburg was THE WORST idea ever?!?!
I have already taken it down...

We ended the weekend with a trip to the park.

Benson does not love the slide.

His shoes!
I couldn't pay the $40 they normally cost,
but luckily we found a pair at Once Upon a Child for $4.

Aniston has been nonstop talking about the monkey bars.
Apparently it's the thing to do during recess at school.
I'm not tall enough to hold her while she does it.
Even if I were,
Benson would never let me put him down long enough to help her.
She was stoked that Spencer could make her monkey bars dreams come true!

I can't help but to add these cute pics of Beni.
He is such a little doll!

He is a dream child,
but he is a little moody.

It was a fun visit and the weather was awesome,
for the most part.

I cannot wait for Spring and to get out of the house!!!

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