Friday, March 18, 2016

DAY 1656... Lucky Traditions

Billy Zane said it right in Titanic when he stated,
"A real man makes his own luck."

I made my own luck.

My babies are my lucky charms!
And they look so good in green!

I look at St. Patrick's Day as another way to build and develop my family with traditions.
We started some last year,
but this year they were way better!

The night before St. Patrick's Day,
we read a leprechaun story.
We talk about how the leprechaun doesn't bring us gifts,
but he does cause so mischief.
may or may not be Aniston's new favorite word.

When we wake up on St. Patrick's Day,
there is a trail of coins (pennies),

that lead us to the leprechaun cereal.
Benson thought this was great.
Until I took the pennies away from him.

Aniston was so excited to wake up and see if the leprechaun caused any mischief...
Of course he did.

Ani also noticed that the leprechaun had indeed,
caused some mischief.
She thought it was hilarious and in her words, "a little creepy".

PS -
This was our first time using the dry curlers in Aniston's hair...

And seriously,
who teaches babies to only eat the marshmallows?

I'm becoming more and more convinced that we are just born with certain tendencies,
and eating the marshmallows out of Lucky Charms first is one of those tendencies.

Aniston loved that the cereal turned her milk green.

We watched several Disney Junior shows all about St. Patrick's Day.
Aniston just about lost it when Doc McStuffins was wearing a green headband instead of her usual pink one.
Something are better left untouched.

I took some pictures of the kids all decked out in their green,
I made the mistake of doing it in my bedroom...
Shouldn't be a big deal right?
But we keep our door shut during the day because Benson will climb, destroy and mess up anything and everything.
So being able to sit on Mom's bed is a big deal to these kiddos.
They would not sit still!

I made a rainbow for lunch.

Aniston is pretty much obsessed with St. Patrick's Day because of this.
She asked if I could make this every day for lunch.
Maybe I can just add some chicken as the gold and call it good.

Ani quickly created a pattern that if she started with the strawberries,
and ate 1 of every color of the rainbow,
she could have a golden treat and part of the stale cloud.
I'm actually pretty proud of her for eating the fruit at all,
once she realized there was chocolate and marshmallows involved.

It was a school day for Aniston and she was so excited to be wearing her leprechaun headband.
She pretty much asks to wear it everyday,
I'm a mean mom so I decline most days,
but today was a special day.

I really wanted to make a traditional Irish dinner for my family.
I talked to my brother who is serving in the Scotland/Ireland mission about recipes and what not,
and he shot me down hard...
They use a lot of special lamb meat that it would be hard to get.
He sent me in the direction of Shepard's pie,
which I happen to LOVE,
so that's what we settled on for dinner.
Turns out Benson LOVES it too!

I'm a HUGE lover of all things Tim Burton and musicals,
so Sweeney Todd is one of my favorites!
After I first saw the movie,
I kept the soundtrack in my CD player in my car for 6 months!
So good!
I can't help but to sing, "Shepard's pie peppered with actual Shepard on top."
Every time we eat it.
Every one expects it and everyone sings along so it's all good.
In case you haven't seen it...

We ended the night with a little dessert of gold Oreo's.
I had no idea that you could buy edible spray paint.
They didn't look as pretty as the ones on Pinterest,
but they worked!

I love making traditions with my little family!
I'm so excited that Easter is right around the corner!

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