Monday, March 28, 2016

DAY 1665... Easter Joy

Holidays with children are a thousand times better than holidays without children.
I am one of the few mothers,
who really struggle to find the balance between the material aspects of a holiday,
and the true meaning of the holiday.

Since Christmas,
I have been trying to focus more on the meanings behind the holidays and the actual reasons why we celebrate these days.

They're more than just good food,
new clothes,
and presents.
those things are all really really fun,
I really want my children to know that there's more to life than material items.

Christmas was a big hit.
Aniston loved celebrating the birth of Christ.
I may have gone a little overboard though...
In my attempts to focus more on Christ this Easter,
the kids and I have been watching videos about Christ on for a few weeks.
When St. Patrick's Day came around,
my logical little lady,
with the most serious face.
"Mom. What happened to Jesus today? Why are we celebrating Jesus today?"

who is incredibly sensitive,
loved watching these video's of Christ.
His reaction to the following video,
melted my heart.

When Jesus first appeared,
the biggest smile swept across his face.
No one even had to tell him that that was Jesus.
He just knew and he felt love and happiness.
During the scene where is shows Christ on the cross,
he looked up at me with his eye blue eyes and said,
"Uh oh Mom. Uh oh."
Tears started streaming down my face.
He was so concerned and so sad.
when the scene changed and the resurrected Christ appears
he excitedly started clapping his hands and smiling.

I love moments like that.
My children teach me so much!

We had several Easter egg hunts the day before Easter.
One in my parent neighborhood and another at my parents house.
Aniston was on top of the egg hunting this year.

Benson not so much.
He loves to clean up,
so putting the eggs in the basket was fun;
he would have rathered just sit on the grass,
open the eggs,
and eat all the candy.
Nana helped him though and he did good.

My Mom made sure to hook me up with my favorite Easter candy!!!

Black Jelly Beans!!!!

We also dyed eggs of course.
We tried something new this year and dyed the eggs with shaving cream and food coloring.
It worked great,
it was quick,
and the clean up process was fast.

Saturday Evening I went with my Mom to the Women's Conference.
We  get to do this twice a year and I love it every time!

The kids went to bed early Saturday night,
which left plenty of time for the Easter Bunny to do his thing.

Why do all of our holidays include,
mostly male figures,
coming into our houses late at night when we are sleeping?
It's weird when you get older.

These Easter Baskets are MY FAVORITE!!!
I ordered them last year from Viv and Lou.
They weren't expensive and they are do durable.
They still look brand new this year!
The only issue I have is that they are HUGE!
But even that's not really a problem.
It's like complaining that a salad has too much cheese...
Is that the worst thing in your life?
Cause if it is,
you've got it pretty good.

Aniston loves following the Easter Bunny's footsteps to her basket.
Benson was a little weirded out by the whole thing.

Church was AMAZING and it was officially my last Sunday at church as a single parent!
(More about that later)
Next week in General Conference so we can watch that from home.

We ended our Easter Day with dinner at my parents.
The dinner was good,
love me some funeral potatoes and ham,

but the kids were a disaster.
Too much candy
Not a great napping schedule
screaming for no reason.

Benson is on this super dramatic kick and it is getting to be a little too much for me.

You know how I love to #reallife?
Here's your #reallife for the day...
How a majority of our Easter pictures really looked...

Fun Fact,
This was actually our first holiday in Rexburg,
we have lived here 4 years,
that we have spent a second holiday in the same house.
Love that!!!!
We moved in here on Easter weekend last year.

I hope your Easter was amazing!
I will leave you with one of my favorite hymns.
He is Risen and we are blessed!


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