Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Pure Suckiness.

Let's be honest...
my life has been hell lately.
Not in regards to myself,
thank goodness,
but when it comes to my children.
Which is honestly,
worse than if it was myself.

First of all,
I hate winter and pretty much everything that comes with it.
This includes illnesses!
Aniston has received a steroid shot every winter since she has been born.
Benson is following in her footsteps.
Double suck.

I seriously bundle my babies up every time we go outside!
It drives me crazy that they get sick even though they are totally prepared for the cold,
but then I see babies without coats or hats or socks in the cold and they're not sick.
What the heck?
I get annoyed so easily.
It probably doesn't help that my office is basically in our home and people come in and out of the office all day and who knows what kind of diseases they are bringing in.

Benson was put on a new antibiotic on Saturday,
due to an ear infection.
I noticed on Sunday a little rash around his belly button.
I thought that maybe his diaper or pants had been rubbing him wrong,
and since I didn't notice anything else I just let it go.
Maybe that's where I failed...

we were at the library and I noticed that the back of his neck was really red and rashy.
When we got home,
I got him undressed and ready for a bath.
That's when I saw all of the rash.

I sent pictures to my Mom and my cousin's wife, who is a nurse,
and they were both 100% sure that it was an allergic reaction to his antibiotics.

Sure enough.
This morning the doctor confirmed that Benson is allergic to Cephalasporins.
Cool bro.

I cannot even express the anxiety that I have and the pressure that I feel to remember this.
This kind of terrifies me.
I know that it's not a super big deal,
but as a parent,
I want my children to be perfect and healthy and happy,
and now I feel like I have genetically failed my baby.
That sucks.

Can't I just live inside a box and never leave so that no one can ever get sick?
Self imposed bubble mom?

I am grateful for doctors who can solve these problems,
and I am thankful that we have options when it comes to medications.
We really are blessed.

I am confident that this will not be a problem in the future,
and bonus,
I learned a new word today!


  1. You noticed it and took action. You can avoid that antiobiotic in future. And you'll suspect allergies of another rash comes ...hope it won' you learned as a mom and your son's okay. I think that's pretty good.