Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Everything You Didn't See... January 2016 Edition

January was a CRAZY month!
My first month as a single parent!
It was a little rough at times.
But we still managed to have a great time and make some fantastic memories!

Aniston loves wearing Nana's glasses.
It's amazing how much older they make her look.

Benson however, is not a fan of the glasses.
My kids seriously have the best judgy eyes.

Benson is also not a fan of moving entertainment for kids.

Aniston has been such a great help since Spencer has been gone.
Obviously, we eat a lot of cheese. 
And Popsicles.
We eat a lot of Popsicles.

Bath time stretches.
Benson is getting tall right now so he is looking super lean.
I miss fat Benson.
But skinny Beni is still pretty dang cute!

Bath time is really one of the most magical and amazing times in our house.
Everyone is happy during bath time.
15 minutes of pure bliss!

Sagging swagger.

Aniston loves getting these little tortillas at the store.
On this particular day, 
they gave her a full one.
Benson also gets in on the tortilla action.

Any other Mom's out there loathe the car cart?
I cannot stand it.
But nothing makes Aniston more happy,
well besides Mento's...
so I use it.

Benson tried olives for the first time.
New obsession!

Aniston brought the booger sucker and cream over to me and said,
"Mom. Look! I made the temple!"
Such a sweet spirit!

This little man is the most cuddly after his baths.
Probably one of the reasons I insist on bathing him every single day!

Benson and his new BFF.

Such a cute little man!
Especially when he's rocking anything Nike.

Aniston gets serious power trips from sitting in my office chair.

Aniston has a slight obsession with her zebra and giraffe toys.
Their names are "Ani" and "Cortney" (her cousin),
and they go everywhere with us.

Both of my babies love Les Miserables!
And they love each other too,
which is double AMAZING!

When the bowling ball weighs just about as much as you do...
Little kid bowling shoes...
Cutest thing ever!

One of my tenants works at Papa Murphy's and understands my obsession with their salads.
A few weeks ago I came home to 2 salads on my door step after a really rough day.
My job rocks!

Benson has been teething and not feeling 100%.
Aniston wanted to make sure that he was taken care of.
She did good.

This snow.
It has to stop!
But at least my babies look ridiculously gorgeous in it.

More Popsicles!
she is eating a red/purple Popsicle on my fairly new carpet.
I got lucky nothing spilled.

I took Benson to the doctor after 10 straight days of diarrhea.
He was not so happy about it.
The diarrhea that is.
He is okay with our amazing doctor.

Aniston insists on watching Harry Potter with her broom.
Can we talk about how amazing it is that she is getting to the age where she is starting to really love everything that I love?
I am no longer constantly watching cartoons.
We watch Harry Potter now!

Falling asleep all over the place.
Of course with her furry friend.

If I would let her play with the nail polish all day,
she totally would.

We spent 6 hours at apartment #3 due to a plumbing leak on glorious Sunday evening.
The guys and the girlfriend, 
were so amazing with Aniston!
She asks everyday to go back and play with them.

Our toy room is right off my office,
so the kids usually play and watch movies in there while I work.
Benson is now capable of climbing onto the love sac.
That kid is everywhere,
all the time!

My beautiful Momma got her name badge!
And let me tell you what...
I have witnessed her getting preferential treatment when she wears it.
It's totally okay though because she deserves it.

Walking around while Ani is at dance.

Since she was a baby,
Aniston always plays with her tags on her shirts while she drinks her milk or juice.
It's one of my favorite things in the world.
I hope she does it forever!

Rexburg FINALLY got a Super Walmart!
Life couldn't be better!
I cried when I walked in for the first time.
It's been so long overdue!

The places she falls asleep...

Just letting Jillian Michael's kick my butt.

Loves at Lowes!

I have done A LOT of shoveling this semester 
and Aniston constantly insists on helping.
She grabs her dust pan and does work.
Best helper around!
But seriously,
she does a really good job shoveling.

Benson is learning all about the awesomeness of the iPad and headphones at church.
And this Momma is loving that!

My husband hooked me up on the big 3-0!
Rose gold Apple watch!
It seriously matches my wedding ring perfectly!
Counting down the days until my rose gold band gets here.

Aniston loves learning new tricks.

I am learning that Benson is a really clean kid. 
He does such a good job of cleaning up when he is done playing.
I love it!
Especially since his sister will do anything to not clean up.

Who knew that shopping carts could bring so much happiness?

Baby sign language is AMAZING!
Benson takes the signs and makes them his own,
but I don't even care because I can communicate with my baby,
and that truly makes a world of difference.

He is really just too cool for me and my nonsense.

Ring around the Rosie is played at least 12.3 times a day.

Here's a video of Ani making her baby bro super comfortable after such a crappy day.

Walking is so hard!

Benson's walking skills have really improved really fast!
I just LOVE watching him grow and learn!

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