Sunday, January 31, 2016

DAY 1609... Now That I'm 30

That just sounds so old.
I can't believe that that is now the number that defines the length of my time on earth.

As we grow up,
society insists that we make changes and adapt to our new number.
The world insists on us growing up.
Growing up means leaving things behind and learning new things.
Most of the time,
in my opinion,
growing up means that you don't get to have as much fun.
There is a time after high school,
but before you get married and have kids that you can do whatever you want.
I would go to Vegas every couple of months,
go out with friends at midnight,
eat out for days and never gain weight.
I could do whatever I wanted,
whenever I wanted.
I LOVED those days.
But I do LOVE my life now too.
When I read my blog post (read it here) about turning 25 I am totally embarrassed.
I was so silly and young.
But definitely thinner.
Much thinner...
But life is good now.
It was good then,
 but it's better now.
But just because I do love my life now (for the most part),
that doesn't mean I don't need to change.

Here are 30 things I should probably stop doing since I am now 30.

I should probably stop....

1. Blasting Justin Bieber in the car with the windows rolled down. (Have you heard Love Yourself? How can I not?)

2. The same goes for Taylor Swift.... Boo!

3. Painting my toenails bright obnoxious colors.

4. Taking naps.

5. Admit that I have seen every episode, and constantly rewatch every episode on Hulu, of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

6. Ordering off the children's menu.

7. Obsessing over chocolate milk.

8. Taking selfies.

9. Doing the early 2000's "poof" in my hair.

10. Using eye shadow as eye liner. Basically I should probably learn to actually do my make up... I just have zero desire to do so.

11. Carrying snacks with me everywhere I go.

12. Thinking that I will ever have the body I did in high school.

13. Reading and TMZ everyday... Multiple times a day... My Bad... 

14. Taking a bath every single night.

15. Being so excited when I get mail. It's probably just bills anyway...

16. Compulsively spend money.

17. Watching Disney movies multiple times a day. But maybe this is okay cause I have kids...

18. Watching Teen Mom.

19. Eating cough drops like they're candy.

20. Crushing on Simba from the Lion King. Weird? Probably.

21. Buying clothes that are too small telling myself that, I will someday, fit into them, because of course I'm finally gonna start working out and eating right.

22. Claiming that Taco Bell is my favorite restaurant.

23. Thinking I will ever be a Disney princess or Mickey Mouse during Fantasmic.

24. Having Disneyland as my dream vacation.

25. Whining.

26. Picking my nose when a tissue simply doesn't work.

27. Burning dinner.

28. Thinking that everyone is good and come to the realization that there are bad people in the world and that's just the way it is.

29. Reading Harry Potter over and over.

30. Caring and listening to what other people think.

So in keeping to number 30...
I probably won't stop doing any of these things and keep doing me.
Because what makes me happy,
Regardless of age and what society deems as appropriate,
Is what I should do.

So don't mind the 30 year old me,
sometimes acting childish.
It is what it is.

Bring on the 30's!!!

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