Monday, January 11, 2016

DAY 1589... My Sunbeam

Aniston has always LOVED nursery at church.
She loves the snacks,
the toys,
and especially the bubbles.

I had a little bit of anxiety (surprise surprise)
about Ani starting primary and becoming a Sunbeam.
For those of you not familiar with the LDS church,
The sunbeams are the 3 year olds, 
and the youngest group in primary.
Primary children range of ages 3-12.

Even though at 18 months she walked right into nursery,
said "bye mom",
and never looked back,
(read about it here)
she is a little older now and has developed some fears and different attitudes towards things so I really wasn't sure how this change was going to go down.

Our ward switched the classes a week into the new year because of BYU Idaho's schedule.
I kind of messed that one up with Ani because I told her when her last day of nursery was,
then I was wrong,
then she got upset,
and it was a mess.
But we survived.

our ward hosted an event where the primary children could come,
 meet their teachers
and find their classrooms.
I LOVED this!
they had donuts,
won Aniston's heart over instantly,
except then today, 
at church,
she expected them to have donuts again.
But it was perfect because she got to meet her teachers in her classroom,
cutest teachers,
husband and wife,
love it,
and then they took her into the primary room and showed her where she would be sitting during church.
I think that really helped her a lot and made her feel very comfortable.

Benny also tried out the little chairs.

After the meet and greet,
I took her over to Deseret Book and bought her a Book of Mormon.
Little did I know how obsessed she would become with that Book.

At church I was so nervous!
But when it came time for primary, 
this girl was a rockstar!

She really wanted to take her Book of Mormon with her,
so as we walked upstairs to the primary room,
she held that Book tightly to her chest.

She walked into the primary room,
sat down like a champ,
and just held that Book of Mormon in a serious death grip.

Her teachers even welcomed her by name.
I love that they remembered her name and used it.
That's really important to me.

She didn't cry,
like most of the children...
or her Mom.
Seriously I was bawling.
She didn't run after me,
like the other half of her class,
you can see all the empty chairs...
She just sat there and took it all in.

I spent the next hour peeking in on her,
and I was so amazed!

Aniston just inspires me!
Her strength and her willingness to attack a new situation and own it,

She makes me want to be a better person so badly!

When I picked her up at her classroom after church,
she welcomed me with,
"They had no treats and no toys Mom. But I really liked it anyway."
She is the BEST!

Benson also rocked church today!
Please ignore all my gray hairs...
They are out of control!

Today was such a good day!
I can already feel the blessings of making the decision to attend church, 
even when it may be a seriously difficult thing for me.

I am also thankful that my Mom joined me for Sacrament today.
HUGE blessing!

the first picture,
the black and white one,
is my new all time favorite picture of my Aniston Kate.
She is happiness!

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