Sunday, January 3, 2016

Everything You Didn't See... December 2015 Edition

December was a pretty busy month for us.
I think December 2015 will go down in history as me taking some of the best videos of my kids ever!
I just love the videos I captured and the moments we shared!

During Thanksgiving we took family pictures.
We were supposed to take them outside,
but it was -7 degrees.
So everyone outnumbered me and wanted to take them inside (boo),
so we moved our kitchen table and took them in our dining room.
Oh well...
Maybe next year we can make it outside.

This is such a perfect picture of Ryan!
Did I tell you he got his first lead in a school play?
He will be playing James, in James and the Giant Peach in February.
So excited for him!
I seriously can't wait to go watch him rock that role!

Cutest parents EVER!

Don't judge me for cutting family members out of this photo.
It needed to happen.

Aren't they just the cutest?

Aniston LOVES the balance beam! She actually has her first dance performance at a high school basketball game in a few weeks during halftime. I am soooooooooooo excited!

Benson discovered cheese in December. 
It rocked his world!

Benson creeped out our bagger at the grocery store by staring at her like this for a good 5 minutes. 
Tone it down little man.

Benson's first Cheeto! 

Two of Aniston's favorite things in December.
Her Snow White Bear and her Good Dinosaur wrapping paper/

I love it when she actually gives me a good smile!

Benson is OBSESSED with necklaces!
The pink one happens to be a fav.

Aniston asked if she could help put Benson to bed one night.
While I took a quick shower she got him all ready.
So many blankets, books, stuffed animals, pillows and love for little brother!

I made these treats for Aniston's preschool Christmas party.
They came out looking a little more demonic than the Pinterest picture had shown...

Aniston's first ornament made at school!!!

I heard screaming in the toy room one day from Ani.
I walked it to see her totally stuck in the bucket.

Benson will eat anything!
Like this book.
He just bite a hole out of the middle of the page.
Cool bro.

The flu hit us fast and hard in December.

Whether she is wearing Mom's boots,
or carrying around a purse half her size...
Ani Kate has definitely got style.

This is how we kill time waiting at Red Robin.

Benson has discovered my tattoo.
That's always fun.
(Note the sarcasm)

We found these dolls while doing white glove inspections at the complex we manage.

Aniston was very impressed with her final product when it came to her gingerbread house.

This Iron man doll totally screamed Turboman to us.

Watching Inside Out on Christmas Eve.

My brother who is on a mission sent this drawing home in his Christmas letter.

This picture is fantastic!
I got a text from my sister with this picture.
Her text said,
"We stopped in Gainsville, FL for lunch at Taco Bell. Cortney (my niece) noticed that they were hiring and thought that you would be interested in that information."
My family knows me all too well!

Christmas outfits!

Aniston loves driving by the Big Ice Cream.
Dad made her dreams come true by taking her there!

The lady who cut Benson's hair last week, butchered it.
I am not over it and I can't wait until it grows back.

We only buy Star Wars related food products now...

Love my babies!

My farewell Taco Bell.
Last year I gave up soda. 
I didn't have a drink of soda in 2015.
This year,
I'm giving up fast food.
It already really sucks!

Benson really hates camel rides.

how sassy!

Benson is learning so fast that he will just about copy anything that anyone else does and I'm kind of obsessed about it!

Bubbles = pure joy in our house.

Dance class is always a good time.
Very entertaining.

Just a Star Wars obsessed little lady!

Benson is starting to get a little angry.
When Aniston takes toys away or does something that makes him mad,
he head butts her.
It's pretty hilarious!

Benson said "Jar Jar",
the most hated character in the world ever,
before he ever said "Mama".


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