Tuesday, January 26, 2016

DAY 1602... Surviving Sunday, Part 1

The title of this post kind of makes it sound like Sunday's are a major struggle.
which they totally are,
but waking up early to work out is way bigger of a struggle than making it through church...
for me at least.
Let's be honest.

We have officially survived 4 weeks without Spencer.
I'm a little in shock about it.
I have always considered myself a strong person,
but this situation has taken a completely different type of strength.
If I were eating fast food we would totally eat Taco Bell in celebration.

We have survived 4 Sunday's without Spencer.
And I have been able to struggled through all 3 hours of church.
Doesn't matter how it happens right?
It happened!

We have had some interesting moments in church.
Benson has learned to color,

but he much prefers to eat the crayons.

During our wanderings in the halls,
which happens for at least 1 1/2 of the 3 hours,

Benson has developed a love for windows.
It's a serious obsession for him.
Lucky for us,
Our church building is really old and has some AMAZING windows.

Benson has also become quite the ladies man at church.
He smothers any little lady,
seriously any female child,
with "big hugs".
He is the BEST hugger.

I think that Heavenly Father created primary specifically for me in this moment.
I know that's crazy,
and I know that it is not truth,
but honestly 50% of the reason I have been going to church,
and will continue to weather the insanity of church outnumbered by children,
is because Aniston is obsessed with primary!
She LOVES it!

The other 50% is definitely because of the blessings that I have seen from tackling church,

While at church the past 3 weeks,
Benson has done something new,
learned a new skill,
every week.
I consider this a huge motivator and blessing for me.

Week 2,
He learned to say "no no no" and wave his little finger.
So cute!

Week 3,
He learned to say "Ball".
Even cuter!

Week 4,
He took so many steps on his own,
and he owned the stairs at church.
Homeboy has never gone up stairs before.


I feel as though we have developed a fantastic routine at church now.
We struggle through Sacrament Meeting...
This includes loads of snacks,
and multiple bathroom trips.
Then Beni and I take Ani to primary,
and we spend the entirety of Sunday School walking the halls,
finding windows,
and peeking in on Ani.
This makes it possible for me to actually go to Relief Society,
or at least the majority of it.

Since we have church at 11am,
Beni takes a nap before church,
and then as soon as we get home.

Our Sundays are pretty structured,
and I truly believe that is what helps us make it through the days.

4 weeks down...
11 to go.
We've got this!

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