Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2016 Golden Globe Recap

I am not a fashion expert,
or in line with any fashion trends.
I love wearing workout clothes...

But I do still have an opinion,
and I'm obsessed with award season.
The two...
fashion and award season,
usually tend to go hand in hand.

I spent my Sunday evening watching the Golden Globes.
This year my 3 year old daughter watched it with me.

According to here,
the highlights included...
Inside Out winning for the, and I quote, "Best angry movie in the whole world!"
And when they were announcing Best Original Song and she heard "See you again" play. 
She looked at me and says, "Mom I know that song and I love it! Find it on your phone so we can sing together."
It was a tough moment explaining to her why it didn't win,
but that it was still a good song.

Aniston's Best Dressed is as follows...

Her favorite dress of the night was Lily James.

This is actually my runner up choice. 
Aniston says that she loves this dress because it's beautiful and white and she wants it.

Her favorite mens look was Eddie Redmayne.

Aniston loved this one because she said it looks like it's a little bit creepy, 
but it looks like it has snowflakes on it which is pretty cool.

My favorite female look was Gina Rodriguez

It's Zac Posen,
It has pockets.... 
Enough said!

My favorite men's look... Steve Carrell

Just classy.
I definitely realize that guys have it way easier than girls when it comes to award season...
Lucky ducks.
I'm not so surprised I guess,
it's kind of that way with everything in life.
Guys have it so much easier than girls.
Periods, pregnancy, hormones,
do I need to go on?

My favorite moments were...
In no particular order...

Sylvester Stallone winning his golden globe. 
His face says it all.
Everyone on their feet,
for him,
says it all.
So much respect and love for this man.
It's true,
I cry every time they read a winners name,
I am that emotional,
but it was a very real emotional moment when his name was announced.

I cannot even watch this clip,
knowing that he wins,
without bawling my eyes out.

Have I ever told you how my Dad met Sylvester Stallon when the very first Rocky movie came out?
It's a great story...
for another day.

Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt were definitely entertaining,
and not too rough on the eyes.

Seeing Christian Bale!!!
Always a good thing!
Since seeing Little Women at the tender age of 8,
he has been my all time,
hands down,
celebrity crush!
22 years later...
He still is.
Others have come and gone,
(cough John Krasinski, Adam Brody, Joshua Jackson in The Mighty Ducks, cough)
But Christian Bale will always be my numero uno!

And also...
Both Kate and Leo winning.
Titanic is my secret obsession!
Since the 3rd grade,
this is pre-movie people.
I find everything about the Titanic so interesting,
and so of course I LOVE the movie.
I also really loved the hug that they shared.
Why can't Rose and Jack be real????\

I just love their hug!

The Golden Globes really spoke to my childhood self this year.

Some not so great moments...

Aaron Sorkin winning best screenplay.
I have hard a sour taste in my mouth regarding this man since he beat Christopher Nolan for best original screenplay for the 2011 Oscar.
The Social Network was no where near as amazing as Inception.
And how is a true story an original screenplay anyway?
Seems more of an adapted screenplay to me...
I know I need to get over this,
but I am still really upset about that.
Christopher Nolan is straight up brillant!

Seeing the new Superman vs. batman trailer.
Dear Ben Affleck.... 
Just no.
Batman is not an old cowboy.
It actually made and wince. 

Last year I had an Oscar Party (read about it here)
and I loved every minute of it.
I don't think that I have the time or energy to do it this year and I really really want to.
So maybe I will just find a prom dress,
do my hair,
and eat popcorn on the couch with I watch the Oscars...

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