Wednesday, February 10, 2016

DYI... Valentine's

Aniston is still obsessed with Star Wars.
She actually calls it Darth Vader.
But the obsession lives on.

So when it came time to get things ready for her Valentine's Day Party at school,
I was not surprised that she insisted on "Darth Vader" Valentines.

I have this thing about making things.
Not because I have the time,
or because I think what I make is better than anything store bought,
but because it gives Aniston and I an opportunity to do something together,
and to add puts a little more love into whatever we make.

I found these super cute Star Wars clip art set from DorkyPrints,
(view them here),
And opened up a word document and got to work.

With a little help from Pinterest,
what did we ever do before Pinterest?
This is what we came up with.

I felt a little iffy about the Han Solo with a gun,
but it's Star Wars.
I'm not encouraging any child to use a gun,
but it's Star Wars...
If any parent has an issue,
they can bring it up to me.
I had the same hesitation when Aniston insisted on bringing her Little People nativity as her show and tell.
I was sure someone was going to freak out,
but it went down without an issue.

Each card will have a green, blue or red glow stick (lightsaber) attached,
and will be hand delivered,
by Aniston,

to her classmates during their Valentines Day Party.

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