Monday, February 15, 2016

DAY 1624... I'll Love You Forever

I have been anti-Valentine's Day for years.
For the past 12 years I have eaten Taco Bell and chilled every Valentine's Day.
Remember how I gave up fast food for the entire year this year?

But since I have had kids,
holidays have become way more amazing and fun.
I want to celebrate them to extremes for them!
I want their memories of holidays to be special to them!

Aniston started her V-Day action early with her preschool party on Thursday.
She is growing up way too fast!

Two days before Valentine's day,
I received an e-mail about a family in our church with two small boys and absolutely nothing else.
They didn't have anything for Christmas and a plea was made to help them.
Aniston walked in on me reading the e-mail,
in tears of course,
and immediately went into action.
She filled a box full of toys she could part with,
a large bag full of treats,
and 2 Valentine's Day cards for the boys.
She really is the sweetest spirit around!

The kids woke up early on Valentine's Day,
And we're so excited to see what Cupid had brought them.
Luckily the toys and new books distracted them long enough for me to get breakfast ready.

I served up some heart and lip shaped pancakes.
Basically the kids mostly ate the whipped cream I topped their with,
But it is what it is.
A little extra sugar is expected and okay on V-day!

I actually loved that Valentine's Day fell on Sunday this year!
I loved getting the kiddo's all dolled up their Valentine's attire.

Being able to be somewhere,
A place that we go every week to show our love to Christ.
The kids did AMAZING at church!

Benson literally stared and the cutest little girl,
about his age,
like this for 5 minutes.

My son is a total creeper!

For dinner I made Taco Bell crunch wraps.
They were good.
Not as good as TB,
But I am still so impressed that I have made it this long without a fast food fix.

After dinner,
Aniston and I made Rice Krispie treats and delivered them,
Along with Valentine cards to my family.

Although I still firmly believe that Valentine's Day is the most ridiculous holiday,
I really enjoy celebrating it for my children.
Any excuse to spoil my little loves!

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