Sunday, February 14, 2016

DAY 1623... Tiny Dancer

When Aniston turned 3,
I rushed to enroll her in preschool and some sort of activity.
For whatever reason,
where we live,
there is nothing for kids younger than 3,
except for overpriced swim lessons which we already did.
I really felt that the socialization and learning that she could gain would greatly benefit her.
We settled on a dance/gymnastics class after weeks of research.
Tuesday is definitely Aniston's favorite day of the week!
I wish she got to go to dance/gymnastics more than once a week,
but it is still amazing.
The price,
her teachers,
everything is so great!

She is the second youngest by 2 weeks,
but one of the biggest kids.
Let's be honest though,
I was the giant in my 2nd grade class.
So much taller than everyone else.
Then I stopped growing in 3rd grade and haven't grown since.
The other mom's were shocked when they found out that she was only 3.
Her class ranges from 3-5 years old.

It's true,
her attention span isn't the best.
And she does get distracted by her friends,
but she loves it and she does try hard.

I have been waiting for years for the day where I got to watch one of my children perform in public.
My expectations weren't very high.
I mean after all,
she is only 3,
and dancing in front of a large group is insanely scary!
Especially when you're only 3!
Even though I practiced with her at home,
and we had a lot of talks about how this might be scary but definitely rewarding,
I really wasn't sure how she would perform.

Can we also take a moment to talk about the make up in dance?
My 3 year old was wearing more makeup than I have ever worn in my life!!!
I don't even know how to apply blush and eye shadow!
I tried watching YouTube videos,
If anyone has tips as to how to apply mascara to a 3 year old...
I'm all ears!
It is impossible!!!!
Where are all my pageant mom's at?

It was amazing that my parents could be there.
(Sorry about the closed eyes Dad...
It was the only one where Ani was smiling.
I promise to get a better one with you at her end of the year recital.)
Benson was obviously thrilled to be there...

It was sad that my husband couldn't be there,
but modern technology is amazing,
and for that I am so grateful!

Right before her team was about to hit the floor,
Aniston turned to me and said,
"Actually Mom... I don't really want to dance anymore."
My heart just broke for her.
I'm sure she was feeling nervous and anxious,
And she probably didn't understand her feelings 100%.

But then one of her little friends grabbed her hand,
And all of her fears were forgotten.

Her performance was anything but perfect.
As soon as she spotted my parents in the crowd,
Not the big crowd directly in front of her,
they were sitting on the other bleachers,
She was only dancing for them.
But eventually she got turned back around.

The best part,
That wasn't on the video,
Once the song ended and the crowd cheered,
Aniston ran straight to me and jumped into my arms and gave me the biggest hug ever!
I could feel how excited she was and how proud she felt of herself.

I coached competitive high school cheerleading for 4 years.
For years I got so emotional watching my own teams compete,
even though they were not my children or blood related.
I loved watching their parents beam with pride,
and witnessing the love that they had for their child and their accomplishments.
I watch my parents as they experience their children's successes,
most recently my youngest brothers insanely amazing accomplishments in debate and drama.
I even get emotional when he tells me about his successes or when I watch him on stage.
{SIDE-NOTE... At the end of this month he is playing James in James and the Giant Peach at the High School here in Rexburg. It's going to be insane!!!!!}
I yearned for the day when I would get to experience that as a parent.
was that day for me.
Watching Aniston take the floor in front of at least 200 people,
was one of the best moments of my life.
And even though the dance was far from perfect,
that didn't matter in the slightest.
She smiled the entire time.
She was happy.
She felt good about what she had accomplished,
and as her parent I couldn't help but to be so proud and,
of course,
so emotional.
I had waited for this day for years,
and I just could not stop crying.
I had to explain to Ani about "happy tears."
She thinks I'm crazy.
Today was everything that I had imagined and hoped it to be and more.

Today was definitely one of those days that I will never forget.
It was one of those parenthood milestone days that will always hold a place in my heart!

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