Sunday, November 10, 2013

DAY 810... Thankful For #10

Today I am thankful for beautiful fall days. Rexburg was gorgeous today!  We took a quick walk over to the park right by our house and just played for a while. Aniston had a ball! We didn't even need coats because it was so nice outside. The fall time and the spring time are my absolute favorite times of the year, and days like this really help me to realize how gorgeous this world really is! The world we live in is such a beautiful place! I tend to forget that under 3 feet of snow or the scorching sun, but today I am so thankful!
 Ani wasn't so excited at first...
 Then she saw the boys playing basketball.
 Aniston is going through a stage where she refuses to have her finger nails trimmed. I finally got her left hand cut yesterday, but her right hand did a little work on her face... So sad.
I remember being told a long time ago that when you have those little bubbles in the picture like in the corner above that those are spirits... Kind of creepy kind of cool. Not sure if I believe it. Any thoughts?
 Have I talked about how much I enjoy dressing this little lady?

 Still loves the swings!

 Aniston is pretty independent. She loves to go down the slides now, but all by herself of course.

 One handed pull ups baby.

 Can you see the sassiness in those eyes?

 Sometimes our shoes match...
That face!
So gorgeous!


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