Friday, November 1, 2013

DAY 801... Thankful For #1

Today I am thankful for Pinterest. I know that that may seem petty and silly and I promise it's not at the top of my list of things that I'm thankful for, but it's pretty cool. It helps me to very inexpensively decorate my home for different holidays and seasons. Since it's the first day of November and the day after Halloween and only 22 more days until I go to Disneyland (very excited) I got to spend my morning crafting and decorating. Let's be honest... I will not ever be able to live in a home unless it has a fireplace. Kind of LOVE my fireplace!
 I used this website for my banner template.
And I used this website for the paper bag flower template.
 I searched Pinterest for wreaths that I could make and ended up making a mixture of a few of them. I really like the outcome! I had everything I needed already on hand except for the wreath which I bought for $1.49.
I like this printable that I made much better than the one I made for Halloween. Remember how I just made it on Publisher, with fonts I found on Pinterest, and had it printed for 12 cents? So fun!

Pretty sure this entire set up only cost me about $10 for everything! The Dollar Tree is also AMAZING! I had so much of this stuff just sitting around (pack rat) and Pinterest helped me to figure out how to use it!

 I am thankful for Pinterest!


  1. Haha gotta love pinterest! Everything looks great :) Happy 1st of November!

  2. Very nice work, love the wreath!
    I'm thankful for pinterest too, it is a great tool for bloggers like us !