Saturday, November 16, 2013

DAY 816... Thankful for #16

Today I am thankful for Thanksgiving food.We had Thanksgiving dinner tonight with my parents and two youngest brothers because we leave Friday for Disneyland, and we will be there during Thanksgiving. The boys sure do love eating their nasty Turkey legs at the park on Thanksgiving. Which, I actually learned aren't turkey at all but Emu. Even more nasty.... Probably not since I haven't tried it but it's all just very Renaissance. And yes... we do have our obnoxious "highlighter" colored shirts all ready for D-land. Don't judge because we never lose each other and get so many compliments every time from everybody!

But really Thanksgiving food in THE BEST. Especially olives. Olives are my favorite and now they are Ani's favorite too. 

Is it weird to have olives at Thanksgiving? We didn't go around the table and say everything that we're thankful for, I'm sure we will partake in that tradition at Disneyland on the actual day. Super fun tradition. I really feel as though it turns into who can say the most inappropriate thankful for... Usually my brother Jake wins, but I always give him a run for his money. My Dad smoked the turkey and it was DELICIOUS! I just LOVE Thanksgiving dinner. I love the carbs and the rolls. Plus dinner with my family is never a boring thing.

Ani spent most of the time looking at pictures of her Ni-Ni (her cousin Cortney). She misses her and can't wait to play with her at D-Land. Ummm... how cute are her leopard accessories???


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