Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DAY 813... Thankful For #13

Today I am thankful for (and don't pretend like you're not thankful for them either) 90's Boy Bands! A friend reminded me of our teenage obsession with O-Town. I'm pretty sure you thought that I was talking NSYNC or Backstreet Boys here, and of course they are awesome and included in this post, but O-Town had my heart. I really think that that is where my reality TV obsession began, watching Making the Band 2000. So maybe not quite the 90's, but the music is all the same, and I was 14 (yes, I am just shy of 28) so it was wonderful. I never missed an epsiode! 5 boys, catchy songs and pure awesomeness. I own many of Backstreet Boys and NSYNC albums, that's right kids, none of this iTunes nonsense (even though I LOVE me some iTunes) but I own every single O-Town CD. All 2 of them!!! Whoop Whoop! On my way home from work today, after my walk down memory lane, I had to blare my O-Town (still know every single word of every single song... true fan). I was really surprised at how dirty their first album was. Maybe I didn't understand the words, but I'm surprised my parents didn't kick my out of the house for some of those songs... it's the title of the songs alone... Liquid Dreams and Every 6 Seconds. Haha! I challenge any person to turn on a 90's boy band song and not dance or sing along. Remember the Asian boys who rocked Backstreet Boys a while ago???? I have it favorited (that's right... made that a verb) on YouTube.
 And I am one of those women who get all emotional during all of these reunions that seem to be happening lately. It's just awesome! Love me some frosted tips and sweet synchronized men dancing.
BACKSTREET BOYS! Digging the overalls... Can we please bring those back?
 O-TOWN! Do you think Trevor (yes I remember his name) just put his hand on the brick wall or did someone tell him to strike that sweet pose?
NSYNC! There are no words for this picture.A-W-E-S-O-M-E!


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