Saturday, November 9, 2013

DAY 809... Thankful For #9

I am thankful for little voices. I remember when I yearned for the days when Aniston would be old enough to talk... Now she never stops talking! But I am so thankful that at only 16 months I have such a good talker who is so smart. Aniston is learning and saying so many new words everyday! It amazes me how smart she is! I can ask her to say just about anything and she will try. Sometimes I can't understand her, but sometimes she says the word as clear as day. Her new favorite words that she learned this week are poker face (Papa taught her this one), hot dog, treats, Blue's Clues (along with the hand motion) shake it up and chocolate milk. Aniston is so much fun! I just love hearing her little voice in the morning when she wakes up calling me from her room saying, "Mom, Mama, Mommy" very much like Stewie from Family Guy. Then when I walk into her room she smiles at me and says, "Hi Mom. Daddy?" I know every child thinks that their baby is perfect, and I'm not saying Ani is perfect, but she is so awesome!
Ani learned to say Happy Birthday last week and it kills me every time she says it. So cute!
Aniston loves animals and loves animal sounds! Apparently what a snake says is hilarious!
Aniston is obsessed with "What Does the Fox Say" and she has started to memorize the lyrics. She has also started to pick out her own clothes....


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