Friday, November 15, 2013

DAY 815... Thankful For #15

Today I am thankful for free babysitters. Spencer and I have never really had date nights since we were married because I was always coaching on Friday nights. Now that I am no longer coaching, we are able to have date nights. Tonight we doubled with my parents and headed to the temple. The best part was that my youngest brother Ryan babysat Ani for 2 1/2 hours for free, and she was still alive when we got back! Incredibly poopy, but we don't blame Ryan for not wanting to change that nasty. Since having Aniston we have left her with several babysitters, and payment is always a tricky thing, so whenever we here free babysitting, and especially when it with someone we trust we LOVE it. You don't really realize how much your life really does change until you actually have that baby in your life. Time alone and dates nights become rare and precious time. Thank you Ryan for watching Aniston and keeping her alive for us!
Don't judge Ani's PJ pants... I refused to pay $10 for a set of pj's so I just whipped out 8 pairs of pj pants on my sewing machine the other night out of material I had laying around. She loves them and they cost me $0! Awesomeness!


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