Wednesday, July 3, 2013

DAY 683... Birthday Week Day 3

Today was a busy day! My little family had a BLAST though! We decided that we needed to take Aniston to Bear World. It's literally like 5 minutes from our house and people come from all over the United States to visit it. I actually don't think we saw one car with an Idaho license plate the entire time we were there... Spencer described the experience as a Jurassic Park kind of adventure. You drive up to a locked gate, the tell you the rules, then open the gate and close it behind you. Let's be honest... it's a little creepy. It was so AWESOME! Ani absolutely loved it. She got so excited when she saw all of the different animals. She even learned to make bear noises today. The petting zoo was also fun since she actually got to touch the animals. She liked the deer the best... until he started licking her, then she was not okay with that.

 This was Ani's face every time she saw a new animal... so basically every 5 seconds. She LOVED the animals!
 The albino Elk
 Aniston thought she needed to drive... at least Dad is wearing his seat belt...
 Ani's face when the bear walked right in front of our car...
 The bear...

 Look at my tiny baby!!! That bear would destroy her!

 For some reason Ani absolutely did not like a goats... This is about as close as she would get to them...
 For some reason this picture really makes me laugh...

 Is anyone else a little bummed that my child does not resemble me in any way? She is still absolutely adorable, but I was kind of hoping for a mini me...

 She is totally judging the animal at this point... Also she is obsessed with that necklace...

 Cute little baby bear!
 More animals!

After Bear World we headed to Rigby Lake to play with the cheerleaders again. We have decided to make this a weekly team thing during our 5 week break. It was a little overcast and definitely cooler than last week. The girls got a kick out of my blisters on my back. We had a blast! It was much more fun when Daddy comes with us!

 Getting a back rub from Daddy... Quite possibly one of the cutest pictures ever!
 Ani LOVES Rylee!!! This has been the case pretty much since the day she was born! But Rylee is AMAZING with her so I am okay with that!
 Me and my whitey hubby.
Catching some Z's! Notice my many sunscreen options in the back?

Tomorrow is the 4th of July!!! My favorite holiday ever! 2 years ago Spencer proposed on the 4th, last year I was in labor, and this year it's my baby's last day as an infant!!! I can't wait to see the fireworks this year since I missed them last year!!! I have the cutest outfit for Ani tomorrow!!! Hooray for AWESOME holidays!!!!

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