Friday, July 12, 2013

Things I Love... Take 6

I am beginning to think that maybe I am a little too passionate when it comes to life. I too often fall in love with things and just as quickly lose interest in them. But maybe that's just the fun in life... finding new things that you just can't live without!

1. The Wiggles 

To be fair, I have loved The Wiggles since I was a nanny back in 2006. They are fabulous! Anytime Aniston starts crying in the car, all I have to do is turn on The Wiggles (thank you itunes) and she instantly becomes the happy child I know she is. She is even starting to dance and sing along with the songs now. Basically awesome. I read once that they are the highest paid Australian entertainers... that list include Keith Urban, Hugh Jackman, and Nicole Kidman. Crazy right? In my opinion though, if they can keep my kid happy, than they deserve absolutely anything that they can get! But let's get something straight... I am not a fan of Sam who replaced Greg when he needed a break due to illness. He is not as awesome. They also have some super trippy videos...
Appropriate for children????? Not quite sure, but it definitely keeps Mom entertained!

2. Gator Jack's Fresh Pineapple Drink 

LOVE IT and despite the look on Ani's face, she loved it too! I absolutely LOVE pineapple, so when I heard about this drink at Gator Jack's I knew I had to try it. They take an entire pineapple, cut the top off, scoop out all of the insides, blend the insides then pour it right back into the pineapple for you to drink They don't add a single thing to it, and it is fantastic!!!! Spencer and I shared one this morning and I was in heaven! The best part? According to My Fitness Pal  it's only 96 calories for half of it!!!! Drink up my friends! I think it could be super simple to do at home also. Pretty sure it's a bad thing that I only live 2 blocks away from Gator Jacks....

3. Nashville

So, I love to sing! I don't often do it in front of people, but it's something that I absolutely adore! I found this show on Hulu Plus and thought I would give it a try. LOVE IT! It is inspiring! And everyone has such great hair on the show. I find myself writing songs and being super inspired by this show. Plus it is full of drama, which I also love! You probably should like country music if you consider watching this, because that's basically all it is, but if you are looking for some new awesome show... this is it!!!! In case you haven't heard me sing before, this is a video my Dad made for one of his classes that he teaches and he used my recording in the background. Don't judge too harshly okay...

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