Tuesday, July 30, 2013

DAY 709... Spencer Turns 27!!!

Finally Spencer has caught up with me in age! Fun fact.... We are 2 days short of being exactly 6 months apart! So of course in true form we celebrated not only on his birthday but days before. Since we knew Spencer would have to work on his birthday (being an adult really sucks sometimes) we went to dinner and took the birthday of shopping on Saturday. Lets be honest... I did a little shopping too.

We ate dinner at The Hickory here in Rexburg. Super yummy and such a stinking cute restaurant. The decor is so country cute! The lighting was made from mason jars! Obsessed with the decor! The food was pretty good too. Ani was pretty exhausted, we are going through a phase were naps are not cool, so she napped through the beginning of dinner.

After dinner we took a walk and ended up at Scoops... Ummmmm $1 per scoop of ice cream and you can have as many flavors as possible? Yes please! We loved it!
 Seriously though... my child is such a doll!!!!

On Spencer's actual birthday (yesterday) we didn't get to see him much. We were able to have dinner together and then we had some yummy snickers cake.

Aniston did not hold back.

She was scrapping her tray for remnants! Haha!
Also... Spencer may or may not have turned our daughter into a pyro....

She even kept pointing to the cake and signing please. At least she is polite. After dinner we dropped Ani off at one of my cheerleaders houses so that I could surprise Spencer. So here is Rexburg we have this movie theater where for $14 you can get 2 tickets, 2 large sodas, and 1 large amazing popcorn. Because of that I don't often feel the need to spend $14 on movie tickets at what I deem the expensive theater. Spencer LOVES X-Men. Since Th Wolverine came out a few days ago I sneakily bought tickets and surprised him. Lets be honest.... Spencer didn't even know the movie had come out!!! I am so good at surprises! While we were waiting for the movie to start, a teenager walked into the theater with a black backpack and sat down 2 rows behind us. Freaked me out!!!! Who knows what he could have had in that backpack! My mind immediately thought the worst. Spencer and I a tally pretended to take a picture with him in the background (Spencer erased it before I could get it from him) just in case. My heart was pounding for the 1st half of the movie because of my crazy mind. Still bro, not cool.

Spencer is such an AMAZING man! This was is 3rd birthday that we have spent together, and our 2nd with our precious Ani Kate.
2011... Engaged
 2012... Don't judge, I had just had a baby remember
 2013! Don't worry that Aniston had broken my sunglasses when we were in Utah so I snagged these beauties from the Dollar Tree! Also it might be time to retire the poof.... Seriously Jenn?

I just love Spencer! He is such an amazing husband and father! I'm super thankful that he was born and came into my life!!!! He is such a stud!


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