Friday, July 26, 2013

DAY 706... Not Enough Time

Once again we headed to Utah Wednesday night for a quick 24 hour visit. Man, those have got to stop. I ended up sitting in the back seat with Aniston on the drive down where she cried screamed for 2 1/2 hours. Luckily we got 1 hour of silence and peace. It was not so pleasant. We are going to Oregon, 13 hour drive, in 2 weeks... any suggestions as to how to handle that trip with a sassy 1 year old?

The reason for our quick trip was for the wedding of a friend. This particular friend was the one who let Spencer and I have our reception in his backyard for FREE!!!! He lives in a gorgeous home and this insane backyard and it was perfect! This is probably what made it possible for me to plan my entire wedding for only $2500. Did I mention that it was gorgeous!!! Remember????

 I just love this picture! PS - That cake was so good!!!

Anyway, he gave us so much support and love on our wedding day, it was only right of us to support him. I cannot tell you how AMAZING it was to spend Thursday morning in the temple with my hubby. It's hard to find time to go because of Ani, so it was so nice and relaxing and calming. It was such a wonderful opportunity to be reminded about the promises and the covenants that we made when we were married.

My husband is such a hottie!

Thanks to my WONDERFULLY AWESOME Aunt Julie, who watched Aniston for us, we were able to sneak over to City Creek. If you live in Salt Lake and have not been there... Shame on you! It is gorgeous and amazing and everything, except the elevators, are air conditioned! It was wonderful! We were able to get a few things for our family pictures in Oregon in 2 weeks (I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED) and eat a little lunch.

It was fun to be able to spend time with my cousins. They were so great with Aniston! She just loved them!
 I have told you that Aniston is OBSESSED with animals! She chased for Harley around everywhere. Aniston only got attacked twice in return.
 I know it's blurry but I couldn't get enough of these two kissing! Haha!

 This was the best picture I could get of Ani and Camden. They are about 10 months apart but he is 3 times her size! Such a cutie!
See what I mean about him being a cutie. Ginger's gotta stick together and he sure does love Spencer!

It was fun to be able to spend some time with friends who we don't get to see so often anymore since we moved to Idaho. Sometimes I really wish we still lived in Utah. But then again, we are ridiculously blessed in Idaho.

It just seems like we do never have enough time in Utah... Maybe someday.

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