Thursday, July 18, 2013

DAY 697 - 5 Reasons To LOVE Rexburg

When I moved to Rexburg in 2004 to start school at BYU-Idaho, I never imagined that it would play such a huge part in my life. Since 2004 I have lived in Rexburg, Hilo, HI, West Jordan, UT, back to Rexburg, ID, West Valley, UT, back to West Jordan, UT, and now I'm back to Rexburg. So much has happened in Rexburg!

I attended college here

My niece was born here

Countless holidays spent here (we take pictures at holidays)

I graduated college here

My own daughter was born here

It's a small town of roughly 25,000 people. I mean we don't even have a super Walmart here. Rough! But I have decided that there are many reasons to LOVE it here. There are actually many reasons to love wherever you live, but sometimes you just have to search for them. Might as well be happy being somewhere if there's no other option for you, right? Spencer has at least 2 more years in his undergraduate program, so we will be here for a while. And I have decided to be more than okay with that.... This might have something to do with the fact that my parents are moving here in 2 weeks!!!!! So excited!!!!

Here is my list of 5 reasons to love Rexburg, ID. No particular order.

1. For $14 you can get 2 movie tickets, 2 large (free refills!!!!!) drinks and 1 large (also refillable) popcorn! Say what? I am not even joking! And the popcorn is gooooood! The movies are second run, but when it's that cheap, I can wait for a dang movie. Except I couldn't wait for Les Miserables.. I guess there are exceptions. This was actually one of the reasons I was so excited to come back to Rexburg!!!! Love it!
2. Family Friendly Environment. This community was built based off the idea of family. No movie theater in town shows rated R movies. Almost everywhere has special family night (FHE) discounts every Monday. There's a cute little farmer's market. There are more parades here than anywhere else I have ever lived ( remember how I've moved like 34 times!!!) and there are a ton of free events all the time!!!

3. BYU-IDAHO. I think that the university is one of the greatest things to happen to people in this town. So many different performers come because of the university. People like Bill Cosby and many American Idol finalists. They have lots of yummy food (so very important) on campus and having a university in your town gives you a lot of options and so many opportunities!

4. Awesome Places to Visit. We are so close to West Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, Lava Hot Springs and only 3 1/2 hours away from Salt Lake City!!!It is so cool to be able to see Old Faithful and all that crazy wildlife in West Yellowstone. Jackson Hole is full of celebrities (which you know I LOVE) and so much fun cowboy attire, photo opportunities, also home of super yummy food, and countless outdoor activities! Lava is always a good time, and I could go on and on about Salt Lake.

5.The Outdoor Life is INSANE! My first year at college I bought this awesome book that shows all of the hiking, biking, skiing, and rock climbing opportunities that surround Rexburg. It is AWESOME!!! I personally love outdoor rock climbing, not that I have been lately, but there are so many different outdoor climbing routes as well as beautiful hiking trails! If you want to spend time outdoors, there is no better place than Rexburg! The scenery is gorgeous and the opportunities are endless.

Let's do a #6 just for the heck of it eh. THEY HAVE A TACO BELL!!! Enough said!

I believe that a person could be happy or miserable no matter where they may be, it's all about your attitude. My attitude? Might as well be happy if you're gonna be here for a while! 

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