Thursday, July 11, 2013

DAY 690-691... A Utah Quickie

One of Spencer's sisters was up in Utah for a wedding, and since we never get to see them because they pretty much live so far south that they are on the border, we knew that we had to go to Utah for a quick visit. Let's get one thing straight about this trip... Aniston was a super duper pain the entire time! I love being a Mom, but this was one challenging trip. I really think she is just a homebody. She likes to be in her home with her own things. She is at that stage where if she doesn't get what she wants, then ain't no one gets what they want. She was kind of brutal. Nevertheless, we still had a good time. And Ani's Aunt Gilbert got her this amazingly adorable headband, and it makes Ani look flapper fabulous!!! Also I get to see Gilbert next month!!! I am literally counting down the days!!! So excited for 2 of my favorite people to finally meet!!!

The night we got there we went and had dinner with 10 cheerleaders from my very first year of coaching. They are all grown up and graduated now, which makes me feel super old since the year I coached them was their first year in high school, but it was sooooooooooooooo much fun! They have all grown up so much and have their own awesome lives! They are getting married, going to school, have legit jobs, one is a cheer coach herself, and they are just all so awesome. I just love being coach! Most of these girls I actually still keep in touch with quite frequently. This particular group of girls taught me so much and really helped me develop into the coach I am today. I just love them to death! Plus some of them got to meet Ani for the first time, not the best first impression, which was cool because this is the group of girls who use to set me up with their teachers, uncles, brothers, than were there when I started dating Spencer, then when we got engaged, and then they came to our reception, and then they were there when I found out I was pregnant. We had a great mini reunion!
 2010 (our very first game)
 NOW!!! Obsessed with them! They are AWESOME!
Me and my captains in 2011 and in 2013!

It was really fun to see Spencer be able to interact with his siblings. We saw 2 out of the 3 of them, but saw the 3rd one's family, just not him personally. So many nieces and nephews everywhere! That's another thing... I don't think Aniston is use to all that noise and craziness. I have no doubt that when she gets to be older is will be the loud and crazy one, but right now it's just not her thing. We also got to stay at my Aunt's house (future blog coming about how awesome that family is). And on top of all the family love, Spencer and I both got to see lots of old friends (no pictures... dang it).
 Spencer with his Sisters Tami and April
 Ani loves her butterfly that her Aunt Tami got for her for her birthday!!!
 Ani did not appreciate Aunt Tami holding her hand. Haha! Such a sass!
 Ani loving Uncle Rob!
 This child has her mother's mouth!
 Playing with cousin Chloe!
How cute is this picture???? Spencer is such a good uncle! These boys are so adorable!!!

Of course we had to hit up Ikea. You cannot go to Salt Lake and not go to Ikea. LOVE IT! We found this amazing rug that matches our living room perfectly and best part... only $20!!!! Who sells huge gorgeous rugs for only $20? Such a great deal! Ani saw this Panda bear and would not put it down! Spencer especially loves this because he had a Panda when he was younger that he loved to death. She is so much like her Dad it's crazy! When ever she is tired, this Panda is her favorite thing now.  And of course... we had to get napkins. There is something about Ikea's napkins. They are just great! I don't know many people who are passionate enough about their napkins to drive 3 1/2 hours just to buy their napkins... but I am just that passionate! We got frozen yogurt, which I was really excited about, but quickly that excitement turned into disappointment. It tasted awful! Ani liked it, but woof!
 This is genius! I absolutely LOVE the idea of a play kitchen in the real kitchen! So doing this in my house someday!
 Don't worry... Aniston is sitting in the chair! Haha!
More Panda!

We also went and checked out Scheel's. Let's be honest here, any store that has a legit Ferris Wheel inside the store is total awesomeness! Of course Ani was 6 inches too short to get on, tear, but we watched it go round and round a lot. There were a TON of things to take pictures with, which of course made my day! There are so many activities for people to do! It's an expensive store, but so much fun! Ani, of course, loved the fish. She is definitely the granddaughter of her Papa.
 Good old Honest Abe!
 Is it awful that this picture makes me laugh? She was so upset about this! Cutest face ever!

 Ani absolutely loved the animals, she was even making animal noises when she saw them, but when we got up close, she was not so happy about that...
 Helping Dad at the shooting gallery.

 First of all we are OBSESSED with Duck Dynasty, second of all Ani's face! She is so Happy, Happy, Happy!
 She is terrified!
 Ani with the skunks! This child seriously puts up with so much from me just to take pictures! What a good sport!
 Driving with Dad!

Loving the fish!

Since we live in Rexburg, ID where there is absolutely no shopping, okay okay so we just got a Rue 21... big deal, we decided to hit up the new outlet mall in Lehi. We were NOT disappointed. First of all, this mall is gorgeous! The view is amazing and the stores are AWESOME! Ani had a blow out, when do these things end???? So we ran into Carter's where we found an adorable outfit for $3! Then we hit up the Gap, yes, people do still shop there, and found Spencer a peacoat that was originally $99.99 for $8. SCORE! I love shopping like that! Also I love that because when I was 16 I bought a peacoat at a Gap outlet for $16 and I still wear it to this day! Am I weird because I like little things like that?
 Quick sidenote... Spencer and I have decided that if we ever have twin boys we are going to name them Clark Kent (Kent is Spencer's middle name) and Bruce Wayne. Awesome right? Plus then my children's names would go A,B,C. The OCD person trapped inside me loves that!
 They would be the COOLEST kids ever!
 The outlet mall. Look at those mountains!
First of all the cute outfit for $3 (This picture does not even come close to doing it justice), and then the hat! Haha!

On the drive home I told Spencer that we absolutely needed to stop at Smith and Edwards. If you ever drive down to Salt Lake, you MUST stop there. I had been there before and was blown away, so I knew that Spencer would LOVE it. And he did. Basically their slogan is, "We have everything... if you can find it." They seriously have spatulas, hardcore awesome spatulas, in every color imaginable. Why I didn't take a picture I do not know! I left bummed because Spencer would not let me buy 20 giant Lemon heads for $1. But I still had a great time!

Spencer started getting super tired on the drive home, thank you Ani for refusing to sleep the night before, so we pulled over in seriously the middle of nowhere and ate lunch at this little diner. I could talk about how Aniston screamed basically the entire time or we can talk about how wasted our waitress was that I could smell the alcohol from 10 feet away. It was so strong that I was worried about driving home because I don't think I could have passed a breathalyzer test after inhaling those fumes. Yikes!

 So grumpy!
 She hasn't quite figured out the straw thing... It's super cute, but F.A.I.L.
 Daddy testing his I.Q.
 Lucky smile!
 She was being her usual sassy self and she did not want to hear what we had to say...
 Not listening and yelling back... I can't wait for the teenage years!
 There are no words for this picture! Haha!
 Smelling the pickle before eating it...
 She is hilarious! I always wonder what babies are thinking???? Any thoughts as to what Ani Kate is thinking in this picture?

We survived lots of traffic this weekend... We sat through car accidents...

And soooooooooooooo much construction!

It was a quick trip but I feel like we got so much down! We have been having such a fun past couple of weeks and I never want it to end!

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