Monday, July 8, 2013

DAY 688... Ani's Stats

So I was so carried away with all of the fun things that we were doing with Ani last week that I forgot to update you on all of her other awesomeness. We went to the doctor today...and Ani got 6 shots! Seriously?!?! 6!!!! It was basically the worst part of my day! My heart just breaks for her when she gets her shots. At least I know that it is doing good for her in the long run. Anyway my baby weighs a whooping 21 pounds, 63% and is 30 inches tall, 76% and her head is in the 83%. Haha! Not surprised about the head thing. The Kinville clan is known for their big heads. After all it did take 3 doctors to get my head out when I was born. OUCH!!! My poor mother.
Ani is growing so fast! As a Mom it makes me proud, but at the same time I am so sad that she is slowly becoming my little girl and not my baby anymore. I'm not ready to be baby hungry and do through a terrible pregnancy again! (Really there's only a 50% chance according to the doctor that my next pregnancy will be as bad as the first).
Ani does not crawl anymore. She is all about walking. There really is no other option for her. It's so weird to have a little person walking around the house. Man is she fast! Seriously I will walk all the way to the opposite end of the house and she will be right behind me when I turn around. She attempts to run, but it usually lands with her flat on her face. Is it bad that I laugh? I always comfort her, but usually I'm laughing while I'm doing it. I promise I wouldn't laugh if she was actually hurt.
She is talking and signing a ton! She signs milk, more, all done, and eat. It's so convenient, baby sign language. I highly recommend everyone getting in on that with their children. Besides knowing what a dog, cat and bear says, she also says so many new words. Her latest thing to do is when she sees Spencer in the morning the first thing she will say to him is, "Hi Dad." It is ridiculously adorable! We just can't help but to smile every time she does that. She loves to play with other little kids and always says "hi" in her cute little voice first thing. She is pretty friendly, but also super aggressive. She has been known to body slam kids bigger than her once or twice. She has also learned the word no. That's super fun!
She follows directions like a champ. Whenever she has something in her mouth I ask her "what are you eating?" and she pulls whatever it is out of her mouth and gives it to me.
She still loves bath time and has discovered how to splash majorly. She is starting to become super cuddly and will lay her head on your shoulder for several minutes at a time when she is tired. When you tell her to go night night she will pull the cushions off the couch and lay down on them. It's pretty much the most adorable thing ever.
She is such a good little mom and carries her baby everywhere with her! Baby is still one of her favorite words.
I just love this little girl and count my blessings everyday that she is mine forever! I feel as though she is my biggest accomplishment and that no matter how much I may fail in other areas of my life I can always look at her and know that she knows what she knows because she learn it from me and Spencer. Whenever I feel depressed or upset, I look at Aniston and know that without a doubt I am doing good.

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