Sunday, July 21, 2013

DAY 701... Aniston's Scar

When Aniston was born, she was perfect! Except for the fact that she had some crazy high jaundice levels. I remember going to the hospital everyday for about a week to have her poor little heel pricked and her jaundice levels tested. It was AWFUL! One day while having her levels tested, the nurse who applied her bandage used the wrong type of tape. We found out later after talking with the hospital's lawyer that they had been having multiple meetings about not using this specific type of tape on newborns who had been tested for jaundice. Multiple meetings. There were also numerous signs posted in the lab area reminding the nurses to not use the tape. Numerous signs. Well our nurse probably texted his way through those meetings and apparently he needed glasses because he used that tape. He used that wrong tape on a newborn child. Spencer, my Mom, and I didn't know any better because we didn't go to school for this type of thing so how were we suppose to know that it was the wrong tape that was being used? I have nothing against male nurses, I appreciate anyone who goes to school for a certain job and who is passionate about their work, but I don't trust male nurses anymore... I feel like women pay closer attention to detail, and this lack of attention to detail gave my daughter, my newborn daughter, a 3 inch scare across the top of her foot. It was a very emotional thing for me because babies are suppose to be perfect, and now my baby wasn't perfect anymore. But then I realized that to me she was still perfect, and if anyone else thought differently than they were wrong.

Yes, those are socks on her hands... They stayed on much better than those wimpy gloves you can buy. Look at that tiny orange baby! The worst part was not being able to hide it for her newborn photo shoot.
We were assured that the scar would minimize with age, but here we are, a year later and it's still a nasty looking scar. I am so worried about her being self conscious about it. That scares me to death as a mom! I don't want Aniston to think that she is disfigured or needs to find her scar. She is beautiful! But I know it's hard to remember that when you are a teenager and comparing yourself to everyone else. One of my sweet cheerleaders suggested we buy her super cute anklets that would cover the scar and I am kind of obsessed with that idea! My poor baby.
It looks worse in person, I promise. It stretches across the entire length of the front of her foot/ankle. It's kind of in a weird position.

My biggest fear is that Aniston won't think that she is beautiful because of her scar. I guess that just means I get to work extra hard to make sure she knows that she is beautiful no matter what! And I think that work sounds like fun!

PS - Aniston was SUPER sassy at church today! Crackers were my best friend in keeping her happy!
PPS - Look at the view from our church building... GORGEOUS!

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