Friday, July 5, 2013


I seriously feel like it was yesterday when I found out I was pregnant after I could not stop crying over a spilled Jamba Juice. I was scared and overwhelmed. Spencer and I had planned on waiting for 3 years until we started our family so finding out I was expecting on our 2 month anniversary. But has it really already been a year since I first held my beautiful Aniston Kate? I have learned several things about birthdays and having a baby and being a mom this past year...

1. Celebrating your child's birthday is sooooooo much better than celebrating your own.

2. Time goes by a thousand times faster when you have your own child.

3. You never stop learning. Seriously everyday I learn something new. I learn something new about myself, about my husband, about my daughter and about life.

4. You become capable of things you never knew possible and you do them without realizing you are doing something incredible.

5. Whenever your child smiles at you, you will either a.) smile back or b.) bawl your eyes out over how gorgeous your child is and how much you love them.

When we first brought Ani home from the hospital, I was convinced something awful was going to happen to her.

 I was sure she was going to die in her sleep from SIDS or that I would drop her. But I survived!!! I did it! I may have not even come close to getting half the amount of sleep I got before Aniston was born since I still check on her several times a night, but she is alive and healthy and so stinking smart! Your first kid is a tough experience. You never know if you are doing the right thing or if what you are doing is totally wrong and you are damaging your child. Making it through the day is simply a success. But making it through the day is so much easier and better when you have a little friend to join you in your mischief.

Ani started the day by sleeping in, thank goodness. We had her open birthday cards from Grandma and Grandpa (Spencer's Parents) and Nana and Papa (my Parents) as well as opening presents...
 When Aniston opened the card from my family it scared the heck out of her. It was one of those cards that play music when you open them, and she was not expecting that. I wish I had recorded it.

Big girl legos, a fish tank, and a sno cone maker!!! This girl is obsessed with sno cones!
She has 2 big fishes and 5 tiny ones. We named her Dalmatian fish Elliot Stabler and her white one (no idea what kind of fish) Olivia Benson, and the little ones are just called the pervs. Can you guess our favorite show???? Spoiled girl. Ani received so many texts and messages from so many people today. It really makes me so thankful for the family and friends that we have in our lives. My sweet cheerleaders sent so many messages to her!!! Love them! Love you all for taking the time to reach out to my sweet baby today! For breakfast she had waffles with whipped cream.
Obviously she loved it! Then we all got dressed and headed over to Fat Cats for some bowling and mini golf. Obviously Ani couldn't really do any of these things, but she absolutely LOVED it! She was totally mesmerized by everything around her!

So cute with Daddy.

 Killer outfit. Maxi dress with bowling shoes! PS - bowling in a dress blows. I still won though!
 Aniston was being super silly the entire time!

 Ani loved sitting in the car with Kermit. She loved it until we put the coins in that is....

Not a birthday without a good game of ski-ball!!!

We were a little exhausted after our first adventure of the day, so we came home and took a nap and then headed to the splash park.
 Ani, once again super excited to give the carousel lady her dollar for her ride!

 My brave baby only using one hand.

 I love this picture!

We needed to go into Idaho Falls to get Ani's fish so we decided to splurge and hit up Red Robin for some birthday dinner, but not before Ani had her Cheetos!

 Aniston loves to drink from a straw. She hasn't quite figured out how to actually do it yet, but it's super fun to watch.

We had them sing to Ani and she was so freaked out about it that she couldn't even move... funniest movie! I don't think she moves once!

 Loving her birthday ice cream!

Playing with Dad at the pet store!

When we got home, of course we had to have cake. We attempted to record the singing and cake eating, but all we ended up doing was taking a picture... sad day!

It was such a fun day!!! I cannot believe Aniston Kate is already a year old! I cannot wait to be her Mom FOREVER!


Just for kicks... a picture of us three last year...

And today...

Thank goodness for looking better eh?


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