Sunday, July 7, 2013

DAY 687... Church...With a Child

When I was a child sometimes I would struggle with going to church. 3 hours seemed like such a long time and I hated wearing dresses. When I got to be a teenager, it was better because most of my friends were at church too and it gave us an opportunity to hang out. Not the best reason for going to church I know, but it got us there and we still learned... I promise. When I got to college, going to church got harder but also easier. It was easier because I had awesome roommates and there were so many new and cute boys at church. Once again, I know not the best reason to go to church, but still got me there. It was harder though because my parents weren't there to make me go, and 9am came really early after a late Saturday night. When I got married, it was easier because now I had Spencer to get me up and going, but then I had to go the relief society all by myself and that is super tough! After I made friends in a new ward it got better, but it was still tough. That is why 5th Sundays are the BEST!!! I get to be with Spencer for the entire 3 hours!!! I never miss a 5th Sunday. Since having a baby, things have been up and down when it comes to church. At first it was nice because Aniston was quiet and would sleep through most of church and she would just stay in her cat seat. It was also an added bonus that now I had a buddy in relief society so I didn't feel so alone. But now that she is walking, no longer uses an infant car seat, and is so extremely loud and playful, church is hard once again. I love getting Aniston dressed on Sundays. Probably my favorite day of the week to dress her, but it's tough getting to church on time at 9am (we are NEVER late... pet peeve) and getting Ani ready, Mom ready, Dad ready, Ani fed, diaper bag packed and hoping that everyone actually woke up on time. Most Sundays we get all this done iin about 40 minutes. Once we get to church, we can usually keep Aniston occupied for the first 15 minutes, but after that it's kind of a nightmare. We usually sit in the back so that Ani has a place to play without bugging everyone around us. About 30 minutes into the first meeting she is pretty much done with church. All she wants to do it walk, play, explore other families or flirt. Sometimes I feel like taking Aniston to church is a waste of time since I spend so much of my time in the hallways and not even paying attention to what is being said. I feel like she is a distraction for so many other people as well. One friend told me that it's not a waste of time because there is no where else that would prepare Ani for church better than being in that building, no matter what was happening. She assured me that even though I wasn't listening to every word said that I was still feeling the spirit and allowing Aniston to feel that same spirit. I had never thought of it that way before, but it makes complete sense to me. As long as I am doing my best and going to church I am setting a good example for my daughter. I am thankful that I have an awesome husband who gets me going and encourages me to do my best always. Someday I know that church will get easier for me again and I so look forward to that day.

Also my brother Jake has officially moved back to Rexburg and is working here and stays with us on the weekends. Whoo Hooo!!! Picture of he and Ani the week she was born, and a picture of them almost exactly a year later...

So cute!!! He is definitely the one who will be known as the crazy uncle! Can't wait for the rest of the fam to get here!!!!

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