Wednesday, July 31, 2013

D.I.Y. Book Page Wreath

I am a tad obsessed with Pinterest. "tad" may be an understatement. Anyway, I also LOVE books! So of course it seemed fitting for me to rip a beautiful book apart to make a wreath right? I felt super guilty ripping it apart, but I am absolutely LOVING the end product! And it looks pretty bomb on my wall!

Here is the book before I went all Hulk on it. Notice the price? This craft cost me an entire dollar!!! LOVE IT! I found my beauty at the D.I. and made sure to find a book with yellowed pages so that I could have the aged look.

 I was suppose to be taking a picture of the beautiful pages, but I got distracted by my wedding ring... Can you believe that people told me they hated it? Some people just can't handle rose gold I guess.

I started rolling the pages after I tore the book apart and I used my awesome hot glue gun to glue the pages together. I used a little glue at the corner of the page to hold the cone together and then glued a line down the side to attach it to another roll.

 This is the first layer of the wreath all glued together. I love the imperfection of the rolls and the difference in width and layer.

 Second layer glued on... this picture is refusing to rotate the way it should be facing.

 For the third layer I only rolled one page as opposed to both pages together. This made the last layer a little shorter and added more depth. Foot photobomb...

 Finished product on my wall. Aren't you jealous of my 70's thermostat???


 The book I used by the way was Black Beauty....

I also did a couple other crafts this week so far... I've got to get them all in before the school year starts back up and I have to go back to work!
 We are headed to Disneyland this Thanksgiving so I am busy making sure Aniston and my niece Cortney are going to look darling!!!! I have made lots of clips and bows and I am planning on making headbands for them as well!
A little more home decor. I found that large frame at the D.I. for $2 (score) then painted it gold. I bought and painted that shelve for Aniston's room because she has become obsessed with necklaces and needs a place to hang them! Look at that cute girl!

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