Friday, July 5, 2013

DAY 684... Birthday Week Day 4

Remember that???? Definitely was one of the best 4th of July's EVER!!!

This photo sums up my past 2 4th of July's!!! Proposal and Labor!!! Good times!

I am EXHAUSTED!!! Today was super long, super fun, but super exhausting! We started our day really early getting ready for the parade. This was actually my first full parade since I have been coaching cheerleading. The 1st year I was on vacation. The 2nd, the proposal happened at the beginning of the parade so I didn't finish it. Last year I was in labor, so this year was the year. It was fun! People actually go set up their chairs and reserve their seats the night before... weird... So many people! It was really hot! Hot enough that our stereo system overheated and for the last block of the parade we had no music. The girls were good sports about it though. They love the parade because ti's the time when they get to show everyone their new uniforms... we went in a different direction this year, a little more simple, a little more gray. It was a GREAT parade!

 See what I mean about the chairs being all set up before the parade even starts? Weird right???
 See what I mean about the uniforms? I wasn't sold on them at first but the more I look at them the more I LOVE them! They are so different and with the white poms they are gonna be insane!!!
 We were missing our other 2 boys so we pampered the one who came! Such a GREAT group of kids!
 Cute Coaches!!!! Let's be honest though... sweaty coaches!!!

 Ani had a BLAST at and in her first parade! She waved and clapped and screamed! Good times!
Basically it was completely exhausting for her... She feel asleep so fast!

After she woke up... costume change... this girl gets so dirty so fast! Then we headed over to the Park to check out some music and the booths...
 Sometimes Ani gets annoyed at how many pictures I can take in the span of 5 minutes...
 Of course she found the only dog at the park to play with...
 We were lucky enough to be invited to Idaho Falls for a BBQ and fireworks. We has so much fun! Between the yummy food, the redneck full out fist fight we witnessed, multiple emergency vehicles and the good conversation we had an amazing time! Seriously though I have never seen a fight like this is my life! It was straight off of Dog the Bounty Hunter...
 Ani probably ate about 26 Cheetos! Give or take...

 Dad tried to teach her to play football... of course she would rather eat it though!
 Besides the homeless hair, she's a pretty cute girl I think.

 Those thighs!!!!
 The boys insisted on getting their "folf" on... Because of this they missed the fight! Sucks to be them!
 Before the BBQ we took Ani to the pet store since she is obsessed with animals. We found a cart just her size!

 OBSESSED!!!! She is going to get a fish for one of her birthday presents... We are researching our options.
And we ended the night with fireworks from the car. They had some "issues" in I.F. so the fireworks got delayed and we gave up because our child was going crazy! It was nice to actually see them this year! Hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July!!!!


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