Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DAY 682... Birthday Week Day 2

Day 2 started rather early in our house. Aniston had her 1 year pictures and cake smash at 7am! Luckily she woke up happy, but in true Ani fashion I don't think she smiled once during her photo shoot. She can be ridiculously stubborn (she gets it from both me and Spencer) and so we just let her do her thing. Luckily she can take really cute pictures because she has these huge blue eyes, but I guess we will see when we get the pictures back. I took a few pictures on my phone to hold me over until I get the real photos. She did wear more than one outfit, but I was too busy trying to get Ani to smile that I only took pictures when she was in her tutu.

I can already tell that if my phone can capture the awesome lighting, and keep in mind that these are unedited, than I'm sure our photographer did an amazing job! I'm very proud of my little cake... Close up it looked like death I promise, but from far away I'm loving it! Ani loved it too!!! Sugar for breakfast!!!

Ani is also learning all about animal sounds.
We think it's pretty cute. She is kind of obsessed with dogs right now. Every time we see one at the park she either starts barking or reaches out to the puppy.

We had planned on heading back to Rexburg Rapids for Customer Appreciation Night, but when we got there the place was already at full capacity... We were sad, but we just hit up the splash park instead!

 Check out that wave coming at her!!! Fearless baby!
 Love of my life!
 Spencer always makes fun of my duck faces! High school self portrait!

 I am not trying to drown my child I swear! Look at those RED shoulders!

 I spy a Mexican Spiderman!!!! Haha! This kid was a crack up!

 She was making us laugh so hard! She would just yell at the water every time she would get splashed! She is kind of bossy!
Have I told you how she LOVES the swings????
I just love the sound of her little voice!

Tomorrow on the schedule for birthday week. Back to Rigby Lake and Bear World! BIRTHDAY WEEK IS THE BEST!!!!!

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