Saturday, July 27, 2013

DAY 707... Hiking R Mountain... in the rain

Back in the day when I was first attending BYU Idaho for college I remember hiking R Mountain and having a great time! So of course I have been talking about doing it ever since we returned to Rexburg. Well, I picked the wrong day to hike. It wasn't raining when we left our house, but it was sure raining by the time we got to the Butte. Also Aniston had fallen asleep on the 10 minute drive there. How in the world do babies fall asleep so stinking fast?!?! Jealous!

Had to get a close up of her A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E shoes!!!! Aren't they ridiculous? I have been dying over them all day!

Anyway we decided that we would hike despite the rain. That decision was not the only mistake we made. We also decided to use Ani's little carrier to hike with.

Don't worry... I have already started looking online for hiking backpacks for babies. Our poor little Ani Kate cried pretty much the entire time.

Poor baby was miserable. But we still made it to the top!!!!

 Ani enjoyed spending some time in mom's arms when we reached the top! She also enjoyed the camel back straw! A lot...
Our view from the top!

Have you ever wondered how many different ways you can carry a child while hiking????
 Way #1 - The Neck Bender... I would highly suggest avoiding this way of carrying your child. Very unsuccessful!
 Way #2 - Back to Back - This was the most successful way to carry Ani on this hike. Highly recommended!
 Way #3 - Cuddle Bug. Ani enjoyed this for on the hike down when the rain started coming down a little harder because she could stay warm.
 Way #4 - Camel back. This only lasted for a few minutes, but I think that this position really makes Aniston feel powerful and in control.
 Way #5 - Over the Shoulder. This should be your last resort...
 Way #6 - On the Hip. Apparently by this point, even Spencer was a little tired of the crying...
 Way #7 - Baby Snuggles.  This actually calmed Aniston down a lot, but it not optimal for hiking.
Way #8 - Shoulder Wedge. This is the position that you try after trying everything else has failed... And this will probably fail too.

It was kind of the most exhausting hike I have ever hiked. Man, everything changes when you have a baby!
 Well not everything changes... My husband is still ridiculously good looking!
 Not a successful hike without a little trail sign groping!
 Pretty much the entire way down the Butte, my awesome husband help my hand to stop me from falling. What a guy!
 Ani also was a little nervous while making our way down the Butte.
 Maybe what made her so nervous is the fact that we ran down half the Butte. We like to live on the edge!
Gotta end this blog with Ani's high point of the hike. She got to see a dog! This child is a sucker for animals!

Hopefully someday we can figure out how to hike successfully with a child. I'm sure a nice hiking backpack would help! We'll see what we can do about that.

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