Sunday, July 26, 2015

DAY 1429... Jensen's Grove

We get bored quite frequently on Sunday's after Church and after naps, so we have found ourselves going on drives and exploring South Eastern Idaho.

Last Sunday we ended up in Blackfoot, ID. From I-15 we have seen a disc golf course with a spectacular looking park and water front. So we thought it would be worth checking out. We learned that it was called Jensen's Grove.

Our conclusion.... 2 thumbs up for the disc golf, 2 thumbs down for the park.

This park looked awesome from the interstate, but up close and personal it was extremely disappointing. There was trash everywhere and weeds, like legit tall overgrown weeds in the play area, hugging the equipment. There were two slides. One was super steep, and the other was just not accessible for younger children. There were 4 different complicated ladders to get to the big slide. Ani was able to climb up a ladder, but once she got to the top the entrance out of the hole was on the side her back was to, and pretty much impossible for a 3 year old to safely reposition their bodies that way. It was a nightmare.

No child should look this upset with playing at the park...

I think Aniston spent more time digging in the dirt than actually playing on the equipment.

She did have her first tire swing ride, but it was so stinking hot and there was no shade around the tire swing, so it didn't last too long.

The saving grace was the swings. Although I was slightly worried about putting Benson in the swing, it was incredibly sketchy looking, the kids both LOVED their time on the swings.

We ended up ditching the play equipment and found other ways to entertain ourselves. Like playing with flowers and staying hydrated...

The disc golf course was only 9 holes, but it was a fun course and a quick play.

We headed over to the water to coll our feet off after hanging out in the sun for a while and it was perfect for that. The water was super cold, and refreshing. Although we were surrounded by a very interesting crowd, we enjoyed our 5 minutes in the water.

I am having  a blast exploring with my little family! It's so fun to get out and try new things, even if they don't turn out exactly the way that you had hoped.

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