Friday, July 10, 2015

Family Fun Friday... Egin Lake

Back in the day, like 11 years ago, when I was in Rexburg going to college, I vaguely remember going to Egin Lake to play football in the shallow water. Ever since we moved back to Rexburg I have wanted to go back. So we did. and it was so much fun!

My favorite part about it is how shallow it is. Obviously, you still have to watch your kids closely, but it's nice that they can run around and you don't really have to worry about them going in deep water. They can run and play and have a good time!

 Just a little cousin love!!!

My biggest compliant is that the sand you have to walk through to get to the water (this lake it at the sand dunes) is so hot! Like burn the soles off your feet hot. Where are my future eagle scouts at who need projects? I have a the perfect project for you.

We got to use the super brella that we got for Spencer for Rather's Day and it was perfect! It wasn't a super hot day, but we all definitely left with massive sunburns. We seriously are all peeling like snakes (gross).

The boys set up horse shoes, My brother in law Chris brought back the 90's and brought out the hacky sack.

Ryan and Kim had a sand castle build off. They let the girls help also! The sand is perfect for making sand castles!

I highly recommend checking it out for something to do. I have never been there when it's crowded, and water is super warm and it's always a good time!

 Can we just all laugh at how my sweet innocent baby looks like he is boxing out his cousin? Hahaha!
Timing is everything!

It does cost $5 for a day pass, but it's $5 well worth it!

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