Friday, July 24, 2015

Family Fun Friday... Bowling

Aniston was very specific that for her 3rd birthday she wanted a Mickey Mouse Bowling Picnic party. We didn't go bowling on her birthday because her birthday was on a holiday weekend and I really didn't want to fight the crowds. So, we made it happen, just 2 1/2 weeks late.

We love that Fat Cats offer their 99 cent summer bowling! Since I'm a nerd and have my own bowling shoes (I use to go bowling 3 nights  week, 3 games a night, party like a rock star during my single days, I also may or may not have taken a bowling class during college... NERD), it cost us less than $6 for 1 game of bowling for 3 people and 2 shoe rentals. SCORE!

I just die for tiny bowling shoes!!!!

It was definitely a rough game for Spencer and I because we never go bowling anymore. It's a tough thing to do when you have kids and work and go to school, so we definitely sucked it up BIG TIME, but what was important was that Aniston had the time of her life! If I can buy my child happiness for 99 cents, then yes, it will happen.

Waiting to be reunited with her ball!

It was pretty intense for our little lady.

Even Benson enjoyed himself. Honestly, I think he was really digging the lights and the music more than anything.

I loved that Aniston was more excited about seeing her ball come back to her than she was to knock down the bowling pins.

99 cents well worth it. End. Of. Story. Thank you Fat Cats!

Sorry for the crappy iPhone photos this week... It is what it is...

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