Saturday, July 11, 2015

DAY 1407... Slide the City

Who hasn't seen pictures or videos of Slide the City and hasn't wanted to join in on the fun? I was so totally down to get my slide on, and then I saw the prices... $33 for a single slide? $45 for 2? $67 for unlimited? Yeah, not paying those prices for a glorified slip n' slide. Sorry Rotary Club. This is a college town and my parents don't pay for my life. I have diapers to buy and mouths to feed and a husband in school. We are on a budget...

I couldn't stop thinking about how much fun I thought it would be, so I decided to volunteer for a 5 hour shift and to get a free slide. Totally worth it right?


This was seriously and honestly the volunteer opportunity from hell.

Let's start from the beginning...

It was a beautiful day! Not super hot, a little overcast, and it didn't hurt that the slide was set up 2 blocks away from my house. Perfection... or so I thought.

My youngest brother, Ryan, decided to volunteer with me so that was nice to have him around. 

When we got to the location we were a little let down. The 1000 foot slide was definitely not as impressive as we had imagined it to be. 

After standing around for 30 minutes, we were given our size small volunteer shirts (pardon me while I squeeze myself into that) and sent off to the middle of the slide to pull and push people down the slide when they get stuck. Red Flag??? Why are people getting stuck going down a slip in slide on a tube???? I feel like this shouldn't be happening.

At first, we thought it was the best thing ever! It was warm and we got to stand in the water the entire time and stay cool. But after becoming a human bowling pin and falling numerous times on the slide and on the cement, hitting my head more times than I can count on one hand and standing in the heat for 5 hours, it was just not so awesome.

People on the tubes seriously aim for you to try to "take you out". They would legit yell this as they were coming towards you. Crazy college kids. There were several times where I got hit so hard it took me a minute to be able to get up because I was in so much pain and so disoriented. 
It was not awesome.

We definitely felt the pain afterwards as well. Both my brother and I experienced heat stoke causing us to throw up (I threw up more than when I was pregnant with Benson after this event. It was a fall asleep on the bathroom floor kind of awful), have diarrhea (TMI but it's the honest truth) extreme fatigue, crazy bad headaches and intense soreness on top of crazy bad sunburns (that was our fault for not wearing sunscreen).

 I am covered in bruises and am still insanely sore especially in places I didn't know soreness was a possibility. My husband made sure that for the 12 hours after my last and final hard hit I stayed awake to make sure that I didn't have a concussion. This meant a trip to the Drive-In and lots and lots of fluids which meant lots of bathroom breaks which sucked because of the soreness. Lose-Lose-Win situation. The Win being going to the Drive-In. Aniston LOVED the Minion movie and Jurassic World was super entertaining.

Can we talk about the irony about how literally 5 minutes after our shift ended and we went to get our free slide, that the Bi-polar Rexburg weather turned against us and a tornado warning was issued and the slide was shut down. Seriously, when we left our station the weather was PERFECT! 

Whatever, I think we were both so tried and sore and had seen so many people get taken to the First Aid tent, so many kids crying down the slide because they had been hit and hurt that we knew it wasn't worth it to wait out the storm.


For the price of one slide, let's just all go in on a big tarp and some dish soap, we can find a sweet hill and make a day of it! Bonus - We would still have money to all go in on some delicious Taco Bell for lunch.

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