Friday, July 17, 2015

Family Fun Friday... Park Hopping

We are HUGE park people. There are so many awesome things about parks, especially once you have kids. First of all it's free. Nothing beats free entertainment. Second of all, kids, well at least my 3 year old, will play for hours if allowed, and be totally happy and content walking up the same stairs and going down the same slide over and over again. Third, my baby LOVES to be outside, so even though he can't play quite yet, he still is so happy being outside. Fourth, it gives my husband an opportunity to practice becoming the next American Ninja Warrior. There is a lot of winning happening when we park hop.

Feeding the ducks happens to be another one of Aniston's favorite activities. She will often get a piece of bread at home and have me rip it up and feed it to her like she's a duck. Kind of fun. We go at least once a week and it's never enough for her.

We often have tears when it's time to leave the ducks.

Usually we will play at the park that's right by the duck pond after we feed the ducks, but there were like 5,874 people there and I didn't want to deal with that. So we headed over to a close elementary school park to play. It was a "new" park for Ani and that made her night!

Spending time outside and with my family is probably one of my most favorite things ever. Playing at the park reminds me of the blessings of family, heath and safety. Such a blessing!

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